Where and how much for a MRI scan in HCMC ?

Hi all,
My girlfriend is sick (constant loud noise in one ear, dizziness, nausea) and I'd like to know where she can get a MRI and good diagnosis in HCMC.
Does any of you have any relevant experience about where it's best to do it and how much it costs ?

I got an mri done in vung tau last year and it was very very cheap, less than 300,000vnd
This was on my shoulder and not at an expensive foreign hospital.

I think you should check FV phu my hung

You can go to Vu Anh Hospital-Go Vap District
or FV Hospital-7 District where have good MRI scan.

besides Medical University Center - 215 Hong Bang Street, 5 Distrist or Cho Ray Hospital-201B Nguyễn Chí Thanh-5 District also help your girlfriend do MRI Scan

Cost about 2 millions VND/ MRI Scan.
Good luck!!!

Thank you very much for useful reply ! I'll let you know how it goes !

having had many MRI/s for cancer it shows mostly the bones..I would recommend a GOOD doctor or someone you trust ti recommend her to a  SPECIAL INTERNIST for TESTS ..Hopefully one who does not overcharge the GRINGOS
Good Luck Maybe that NEW strain  of flu....  I dont live there sorry...

georgieboy  it might be tinnitus or worst case Ménière's disease from the symptoms you described. I've had it for over 40 years now and there's really no cure. Might want to see an ENT specialist before you ask for a MRI.

Let go to MEDIC hospital at 254 Hoa Hao st, ward 4, District 10  Ho Chi Minh City (Tel: 08 3927 0284).
I went there and the services and qualities is quite good!
But i don't know they speak english or not.
MRI prices : 2 million Dong.!
Good luck!

Another thought:

http://www.thanhniennews.com/index/page … peril.aspx

absolutely recommend DR Jean marc valton ENT specialist at FV who would be able to diagnose any vestibular disease such as Menieres easily. He diagnosed a friend of mine and it was confirmed at Bumumgrad.. he has been there for 10yrs and is very respected as an ENT specialist and surgeon.  An MRI alone is not the answer.

Recommend seeing a doctor first - rather than ordering the most expensive test in town straight out of the blocks. Depending on how long she has had the symptoms that might just be ear wax!!

For those of you carrying around diagnoses of Menieres disease I recommend you Google first "Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo" and then "Epley manouver"

Do you have any updated info on MRI scanning in HCMC?I´ll be in ´Nam next March and have to get my right knee scanned.Where,price, how to contact,languages spoken and so on
Thanks in advance    -Jompe-

I'm Vietnamese.
We often go to Hoa Hao 254 Hoa Hao, Ward 4, District 10, HCMC or Cho Ray (201B Nguyen Chi Thanh, district 5). But in this case, my advise that your girlfriend should go to international hospital as FV, Vu Anh.

Better you should go to the Medical University Hospital in District 5, HCMC. They have 'Foreigners section' where you get help and English speaking staff. Price is very reasonable!

jomphe50 :

Do you have any updated info on MRI scanning in HCMC?I´ll be in ´Nam next March and have to get my right knee scanned.Where,price, how to contact,languages spoken and so on
Thanks in advance    -Jompe-

I did three MRIs at Cho Ray (International Section) last year for about $130 USD each including the doctor's fee.  You will need to go about 7:00 am in the morning and look for the head doctor.  They will process you, collect your payment, and then take you to the MIR at about 8 am.  You have to wait up to one hour sometimes but if you are lucky, you can go in immediately.

A couple days later you will come back to pick up your actual MRI.  They can give you a reading or you can take it to the international hospital.

I personally use Family Medical Practice (Diamond Plaza) but tests are cheaper at Cho Ray.

Where is this hospital?

Nickole01 :

Where is this hospital?

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201B Nguyen Chi Thanh Street,
District 5, Ho Chi Minh City, VIET NAM
Tel: 84-28-38554137

Family Medical (Care 1)
Family Medical (Diamond Plaza and D2)

Thank you.

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