Ritalin in HCMC

Hey everyone

A few days after arriving my bag was stolen - in it was a number of personal items including my medication for ADHD - 20x Ritalin (10mg), and anti-anxiety meds.

Could anybody suggest either a doctor (for a script) or a pharmacy (that doesn't need a script) where I can get replacements please?

I have no problem seeing a doctor, and will gladly do so if it will ensure I get the replacements I need.

Thank you very much for the guidance - I'll check it out today

Maybe you can call up the French Vietnamese Hospital in District 7 and ask them if they carry those items? It is also known to taxi drivers as "FV" http://www.fvhospital.com/en/
Tel (08) 54 11 33 33

Counterfeit drugs are a big problem in Vietnam. Healthcare in Vietnam is like the old Wild West, buyer beware! It would be awful to go to a wholesale pharmacy market and get bad drugs! Drug potency is also not guaranteed.

And of course if they are not available locally then you may wish to consider contacting Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok to see if they have what you need. It is a quick, cheap plane ride away on Vietjet. Their pharmacy is pretty good about answering questions by email. https://www.bumrungrad.com/

How easy or difficult is it to obtain good quality heart medications (stations, nitrates, etc) in HCM? Are they expensive? Are prescriptions required?

The problem here is threefold, 1) There is a lot of fake medicine being sold, 2) The high heat and humidity negatively impact potency of some medication, and 3) Everything imported gets heavily taxed.

I feel very comfortable buying common medications here like low level antibiotics (ciprofloxin, keflex) and my asthma medicine . Not sure if I would be so trusting of heart medications or blood pressure medications.

Perhaps you can email the major hospitals like French Vietnamese (which have well stocked pharmacies) and inquire about availability/pricing?