Possible move to Pretoria


i have a job offer which will include lots of travelling but will be based in Pretoria with my wife and 3 years old kid ; i have never been to SA and have no idea at all how is it like to live there ; everyone around are worrying me regarding the security aspects ; is it safe ? ; healthcare for young child ; cost of living ; style of life ( shopping ; outings ..etc )

highly appreciate any info



Hi Jo

I would strongly suggest you ask your prospective employer to provide you some details of future colleagues, whom you may contact and ask directly. They will be able to provide feedback about Pretoria, the working life you can expect, and the kind of support available from your employer.

Yes, there is a lot of talk about crime, and crime is a problem, but the benefits of living here are great!

As you have never been to SA, I also strongly suggest you come visit before making the big move. A fact-finding visit.

This not only applies to SA, but anywhere else in the world. If you have never been to a country, and you have family, better make sure it is an positive adventure and experience for all. So have a look before hand.

More details about your specific concerns are available on this forum and the Internet. In short, if you can afford it (and this is of course relative), it is available to you. Private healthcare, safe surroundings, lots of opportunities for activities.

Hope this helps to get you started.


Joachim Schuckmann

Many Thanks Joachim

you are right its worth visiting before deciding , i thought i can get some info through this forum to give me the feel of the country and the place ; i have around a lot and do understand what you mean but this is the first with the family.

thanks again


You have nothing to worry about living in Pretoria is safe and slightly affordable than Johannesburg.