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Updated 2014-07-02 13:37

If you intend to settle in Pretoria, you will probably have to find a job. Find out how to proceed in this article.

One of South Africa's three capitals, and often considered to be the actual capital of the nation, Pretoria is found in the north-east of the country, in an area known as Gauteng Province. It is not a typical tourist destination, and many of the expats coming here are looking for employment. Anyone who wants to work in the capital of a country can expect to find administrative work, but there are many job opportunities for people coming into South Africa, and it is a good place to start looking for work.

How to proceed

Often, when people come to South Africa to live, they have a position of employment already in mind. The working visa, usually called a work permit, needs to be applied for if the visitor is intending to do any kind of work in the country, either employed, voluntary or as part of a business they will be running, but most expats can work without these conditions once they are naturalized. It is more usual to seek employment before coming to South Africa, and anyone interested in working in Pretoria should try to find work through online sources or agencies before they make the trip to the country.

Labor market

Once in Pretoria, there are several opportunities which are available. Foreign nationals may apply to work as part of the embassy, or with diplomats. If they are able to speak more than one of the official languages, they could benefit from taking a job as an interpreter, for example, or work with people coming from their own country into South Africa. They may also benefit from working as translators in publishing companies. Pretoria is a good location for these jobs, and applying to the embassy is a good place to start.

There are also other sources of income in Pretoria, including working in the industrial areas. These industries include copper casting, steel and iron working, and car-making, along with heavy machinery work and the standard factories for consumables, medical supplies, and industrial materials. Working in these fields can be easier if the expat already has experience and skills in a particular industry, and can help in persuading officials to grant a work permit. Gaining employment in these industries in Pretoria can involve searching for jobs, or applying through an agent in South Africa. Visitors planning to work in these fields can also advertise their services directly to the company or business they want to work for.


For those interested in starting a business inside South Africa, Pretoria is home to several business and industrial districts, and there are several chambers of commerce in the capital. Pretoriaweb is a good place to start if expats are coming to the country on a freelance or consultancy basis. Members of this community are also available through social media sites, and can be contacted there for more information. Self-employment can be one of the most difficult areas to work in South Africa, and so the support of a chamber of commerce or other business network can be the best place to start.

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