Accommodation in Pretoria

Updated 2014-07-03 14:34

Do you wish to rent accommodation in Pretoria? Here is some important information on its rental market.

Pretoria is a common destination for business and administrative travelers, and the city has a large number of facilities dedicated to welcoming visitors into the city. The expat hoping to find accommodation in Pretoria may be faced with a number of choices, and which one they select will depend mainly upon personal taste, proximity to work locations, and to more touristy destinations. There is also the potential for renting as a group, which will open up other accommodation choices.

Types of accommodation

The majority of travelers to Pretoria are in the short term, and this means that they are more likely to stay in hotels or in bed-and-breakfast type accommodation and expats can also use these choices when looking for a more permanent location. This can be perfect for a short holiday, and there are several ways to find this type of rental space. Hotels are numerous in Pretoria, and many of them are graded according to the South African star awards. Visiting the right website can help travelers to reach decisions more easily. Visitors can choose between 1-star and 5-star hotels, depending upon their budget, and the type of service that they want. They can also find similarly graded bed-and-breakfast rooms in the same way. It is also possible to find suitable accommodation through travel agencies, usually the same ones that have arranged tickets and visas in the first place.

Travelers who have come to Pretoria in order to business or to work will need to look for a different kind of accommodation. Self-catering can be a practical solution, and there are both short and long-term stays in the city. In addition, the location of many of these rooms, Arcadia Street, provides late bookings, apartments for rent, and even holiday homes for those who don't want to spend too much of their budget on their room. Renting a condo in the city can be done relatively easily. Local tourist agents should be able to help visitors traveling into the city, even booking the room for the traveler when necessary. Travelers staying for longer periods may also find that they benefit from offers or deals, which can mean a reduction in budget, or a better room for less.


There are also options to rent rooms as a larger group, for example with business colleagues or with family. These larger groups of expats can often rent houses for longer periods, or even choose to book into serviced apartments, where they can find the catering they need to get the right assistance. Many rental companies offer large groups deals on holiday rentals. The combination of spending power should also mean that luxury flats, or even villas, will be available and within budget.

When looking for accommodation in Pretoria, it is important to remember that price will define location. Secured Accommodation will be costly, with some homes costing as much as $30,000. However, it is also possible to rent cheaper properties within these gated estates, and this is where most expats choose to reside.

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