Housing allowance for expats in Saudi arabia

Hello. I am about to join a hospital in Saudi Arabia as an orthodontist. The employer says he will provide only 8.3% of my basic salary for housing allowance. But I ve read in few blogs online that one needs to get at least 20% of basic salary for housing allowance. What is the minimum that an expat(doctor) shall be getting? Can anyone provide me authorized document which clearly mentions about the housing allowance policies? Thanks in advance

there is no rule of thumb or policy for housing. employers are independent to calculate according to their standards. Some provide housing in compounds and some pay housing allowance

Thank you for the info.

As said already, housing policy is entirely up to the employer.  Labor law governs salary only.  Allowances are left to be governed by each employer.  Practically, they can choose not to give you any housing whatsoever.

Thank you for the info