Accomodation Allowance

Hi, Good morning, My name Pandian working as Electrical Supervisor,

As per saudi labour law, accomodation allowance how much I can get from the basic salary, As per my employment contract mentioned, housing allowance provided by company, mentioned like these. But company arrange for me Individual room accomation for me, Now they pushing me for sharing room with other person. In this case I request for accomodation allowance, I dont want share room. Because now company bring five more labours same accomodation and bath rooms only two.  I am working as Supervisor. How much percentage as accodation allowance can I get as per labour law.

  Suppose company not pay correct wages, can i approach labour office regading these. During joining time, I have mail conversation from hiring manager, individual furnished room arranged by company instead of allowance.

Kindly advice me how can I handle these problem.

@ppandianr If I'm not mistaken the industry standard is at 25% of basic salary. But I believe it is still dependent on the contract you signed. If the allowance is specifically stated in your contract then nothing you can do about it, but if not then you could try to default at 25%.