Compound in al khobar/ zamil village


I am moving to Al Khobar very very soon. Can anyone tell me anything about Zamil Village? and does anyone on here live there or have lived there

cheers stef :up:


We don't live on Zamil but no that far from it.....but my husbands company had villas on there we were going to move to from Jeddah, apparently very nice etc, but we needed a much bigger place as we have dog/motor bikes etc :) I think it's one of the nicer ones, I'm sure there must be people on the forum that live there :)

That's what I thought but not heard from anybody. We had heard it was very nice and family orientated though.

Thanks for your reply


Hi Stef,

My children and I have just arrived in Saudi on 31July. We live in Zamil Village. Our villa is very lovely, and the community has nice amenities for families. If you have any additional questions don't hesitate to ask!

Gi Gi

Just wondered if you did move back to Saudia
im also from Leeds ( Farsley  ) and moving out soon to dammam but may want to live in Al Khobar so looking for tips

Hi Khobar is good, I find lots to do. (shopping) lol who you working for and you out here long term?
It is different from leeds but we wouldn't want to go bk. We have just got bk from a visit to bahrain and it is fab there. are u out here already?


hi guys
no im not out for two weeks yet and im going to be working for AL JEHAT based in their office in Dammam
this is  my first time in saudi so will probs be picking your brains abit if thats ok ??
how is the shopping had a look at a couple of the Malls on line looks good is it cheap to live etc .,

the malls are good, all the shops from uk and more. the food is good. we had lobster the other week in a lobster restaurant which was ace. its very family based so we only know it from this angle but you meet people. iv found though that nobody is about in the day, saudi comes alive at night. The malls are heaving and the restaurants are too. Iv not met any brits yet but people are english speaking and everyone we have met are very friendly. Food in supermarkets is about the same as bk in england tbh but fuel is 4.50 to fill our tank and other stuff is ridiculously cheap.

thanks steph
office based is dress code suits and tie
and what can men wear whilst out of work
strange one i know lol

ha ha not that so strange but you will be pleased to know you can more or less wear what you want. In the malls men wear shorts tshirt, jeans, trousers etc. flip flops if you want. My husband wears all theses but he covers his tattoos when we go for meals out. He just wears what he would normally. Honestly we was shocked at how humble it is out here. Us women are absolutely looked after out here and it is just not as scary as it seems. I was expecting assorts yet I'm more relaxed out here then bk in uk. In the compounds you just wear what ever you want as if you was on holiday. will you be in a compound or do you not know yet?

Thanks for highlighting Zamil compound.
I've heard it was good as well and I'm in the process of coming over. Me alone at first to settle things etc.
Can anyone tell me the if they have 1bdrm, 2bdrm, 3bdrm etc?
Any idea what they get leased out for based on the above ?

@SteffyB: Have you moved to Zamil?



Yes I moved here. It's very nice. It's friendly and nice for families. There are plenty of kids. There are 2 bed and 3 bed apartments for sure and I know there are 2 x 2 bed apartments coming up, one from nov 1st. When do u move here


That's great to hear.
Any idea what the lease rate is on a 2 bdrm per annum?

I'm hopefully looking at December for my move (hoping sooner ).

What facilities does Zamil offer (broadly speaking)?

Thanks for your help, I'm grateful.  :)

Just came across this.. 
Zamil Village:
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Hello, I would like to know how much was the rent? And also how do rent payments go, I see on some sites that rent is paid every 3 or 6 months? Please help!

We are moving here. Would love to know what there is to do on the compound. Are there restaurants, stores, etc?

Ive seen a few of your posts and wondered if your still in khobar