Abqaiq (Buqayq) - accomodation help

Any suggestions on finding a flat/house/house share in Abqaiq? Any contact details of land lords, compounds or anyone look for flat mate?

Also any idea of the rent rates in Abqaiq (Buqayq)? How much is it to rent a flat/house?

I am moving to Abqaiq (Buqayq) and looking for a flat to live in for 3/4 months. Thanks

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I suggest you to post your request in the appropriate section which is Shared accommodation in Saudi Arabia please. :)

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hey there. i am also moving up in three months. What type of accomadation are you looking to share? my emal id is pren@telkomsa.net

This is my 6th Day in Abqaiq. Its a small town. For living, I found a self-contained apartments block named EuroFlats (I think). I went there and didn't quite like it. But one of my colleagues staying there and another one joining this week. He said the caretaker cleaned the flat and gave him new bed. And so far he is happy with it. It costs 1500 SAR/month.

So I had to stay in a hotel named Adeem, 200 SAR/night for 4 nights. My another colleague managed to convince his landlord to rent me the flat next to his and he agreed. Its a one bed, kitchen, bathroom flat costing 1000 SAR/month. Its in Al Andulus area and I love the area, its very quiet and clean. hope that helps

i m looking for same kind of accommodation, is any other flat like the same available

I don't know of any similar available. You can approach to Al-Gamdhi Real Estate, Al-Qratif street.
sorry I don't have their phone number.

i can provide all king of accomodations at abqaiq

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If you have any accomodation to rent, you can create a housing advert on Housing in Saudi Arabia.



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