Apartment Contract Termination

I did a contract with Aqari for an apartment for one year. I paid 6 months advance rent. But after just two months of living there, my project closed and the company gave me 2 month notice and I may have to relocate. I have the following concerns
  • Can i terminate the contract with Aqari?
  • If I terminate the will i get my 4 or 3 month rent back?
  • What are my options?

Any one with experience please help and guide.

I think as its a valid reason, the aqari will let you allow to shift but I do not think you will get of the paid amount back.
Is there any place where i can know my rights? what i can ask and what i cant?

@SA2Arabia Salam in which area and how many beds? is it furnished ?

@SA2Arabia I think the Ejar webstite will give you more info on how the sector works.

@SA2Arabia if you have a contract thru Ejar then the contract is there. it is indicated in electronic contract you accepted including all of the rights between the tenant and real estate

@JesusIsaac Rawabi area, two bedrooms, not furnished completely i just bought furniture for bedroom.

@blue19casubuan the contract does not say anything about contract termination and penalties. Thats what my Arabic friends told me after readin it.

Hi all
I am staying in flat since 10 years. I made agreement only first year. From 2nd year to till now I didn't sign any agreement. I am paying rent every 3 months. Now I want to move from this flat
But aqari asking to pay one year rent.
My question is did my contract renewed automatically every year?
Can I move out just by giving him one month notice?
I don't understand send ur contact number