Living in Tabuk

Hi, I am starting work with the Neom project soon, however, accommodation on-site is unavailable. My employer is suggesting living in Tabuk, which is 2 hour's drive from the Neom offices. I'm worried about feeling isolated living in Tabuk. I'm a single western woman who will be living alone and wondered if there are any expat communities or compounds that would be suitable for me to live in/join.

Any advice would be really helpful.

thank you kindly.



I was living in Tabuk for 6 years , just before Neom started. Back in 2019 there were only few western compounds. Alfal Compound was the best, with mainly Americans and French. Didn't come cheap though.

But comuting 4 hours every day in Tabuk traffic is no go. You will be wasted after the first week. Tabuk doesnt offer anything as city apart from shopping malls.

But AlUlla is close and that's a spot you should not miss. 

Good luck,


Hi, looks like we're in the same boat. 

I am also considering moving to Tabuk as part of the Neom project, the project pointed me to the Alfal and Alrabwa compounds. I would be keen to learn more on these two, so would be great if anyone help shine any light on these.

From my limited research of the Alrabwa compound, this is primarily to cater for the BAE systems employees and military families and fairly well established and has a British international school. For the Alfal compound, Google maps has some review with some pictures which you might find helpful.

I have a feeling there will be many Neom employees living in Tabuk until the accommodation is sorted, and especially for those with families in tow. As Bechtel and Parsons have also only started, I hear that camps for the Main contractors staff will be a couple years from being done.

For me commuting two hours each way would be okay for me, and if there are enough Neom employees at the camp we can potentially do a car share.



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hi Amanda,

Any luck with finding decent accommodation?

we are moving soon from Dubai and I am also nervous regarding finding accommodation.

please advice.



I ll b soon shifting to Tabuk Region , is it possible to get bachelor accommodation in Tabuk?

@bobbyaz66 Hey bobby, do you know how much is the rent in the alfal compound? any advise for relocation of the family?

@amandabigfoot Hi amanda, any advise from Tabuk? how much are the living expenses? did you find a good compound?

Hi guys, any advise regarding living with the family in Tabuk will be appreciated, housing, schools, prices? things to do with 2 kids 5-6 year old? Thank you in advance!

I am coming from Australia and planning to keep my family in Tabuk until I find accommodation for them. I will visit them during weekend. Can someone help me to find housing?


Hi Amanda,

Hope you are well, Could you kindly provide us with insights into your living experience in Tabuk and your work involvement in Neom?



@mynudding How was your experience with accommodation in Tabuk and schooling. Would love to hear.