training and work in Denmark . .

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What is the regular and fast way of working in Denmark according to my university studies ..?

If not, are there training and employment programs in Denmark?


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Please provide some details on your competencies (according to my university studies) what is your field of study/work ?

Have a look at the following thread : The jobs that are the most in-demand for expats in Denmark

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Hi Bhavna ,

Thank you for your reply ,

I graduated in 2008 from the Department of Architectural Engineering, and I work in the same field,
But I would like to have a working experience in the Scandinavian countries. in any field close to my specialty

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You can find the requirements for working in Denmark here:

You'll have to work on normal conditions to pass the income requirements which means that you shall compete with Danish architects. This is a branch with much unemployment. To be realistic it will be very difficult/impossible for you to find a job.

If you are more an engineer than an architect, the chances will be better, but not easy unless you find your own education on the list which Bhavna refers to in her post.


Dear Nellie Berg

Thank you for  answering the query, so I will try to apply in another field close to my specialty.


Do notice the income requirements in the link I sent to you. You'll probably not be able to meet the requirements if you work outside your field, and do also notice that you should have landed the job before you can get a work permit.

You can take a look at this site:
If an advertisement is written in English, it means that the position can be tilled with people who don't speak Danish. If not, the position will not be relevant for you.


Dear Nellie

Thank you for the information, I will visit the link and see what it is .

I hope can i find what i need .


You're always welcome

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