Citizenship of Cyprus Republic by Marriage

Dear all!
I hope you are doing well. I am trying to deal with the citizenship problem.

I (having Iranian passport) got to know my wife in UK since 2005. We started to live together in Uk from 2007. Then we engaged on 2010 and married (registered in Manchester) on 2011. on 2012 we moved to Turkey (both got job offer) and lived there till Sep 2015. We then moved to Cyprus (the Turkish part) and are working in the universities in the Turkish part of the Cyprus. We also have an eight months son.
I will appreciate if you could guide me on how can I apply for Cyprus Republic passport?
So far, I only heard of the difficulties that spouse of cypriots (the turkish part) are having in citizenship. It is said that it is impossible to obtain citizenship and the greek part does not have any written regulation on this.
I have tried to read many websites regarding to the regulations but couldnt find any clear regulations ...
I will appreciate if any of you guide me on this issue.
I also keep hearing that since there is no clear regulation on our case, I can only find a solution only  by knowing governmental people on the greek side of the cyprus.

I will appreciate if you guys know a law office who are dealing with such cases?

I d suggest contacting the Immigration Dept and the Ministry of Foreign affairs.. thye are the only one s who can tell you whether it is possible in given circumstances

Be careful with Cyprus lawyers. I have a very bad experience. They take your money. That's it. Then even they don't answer your phone calls. I am trying to find a reliable one, but still, I haven't met. No one recommended. If you find a good lawyer please let me know, because I need too

Savvas Law (Chris) in Peyia is very very good and has a good reputation. But in all honesty I suspect the problem is your links to Turkey (a non EU country)........ I doubt very much you can get a Cyprus EU passport.. without committing to living and contributing to the Republic of Cyprus...  (ie not the Illegally Occupied Area of the Republic of Cyprus - which is only recognised by Turkey and as such cannot issue Republic of Cyprus passports...... only Turkish ones)

Even I as an EU national (currently who knows after brexit) cant get cyprus citizenship and thus passport without living legally as a resident of the RoC for at least 7 years and proving that plus paying taxes to the RoC contributing to RoC ....

even to get permanent residency its at least 5 years of legal temporary residency on the RoC.... for RoC citizenship its 7 years worth of proof Alien registration Cert, bank statements rental leases or house purchase, police checks, adverts on intentions to apply etc etc etc and about €1200 in costs

but good luck

Is he an immigration lawyer?

yes... he specialises in it...and has a specialist team behind him

I haven't thought that there might be such problems with lawyers. I know two options how to get Cyprus citizenship it is by Investment in real property and Investment in business
But both of them will cost a big amount of money. You may check this agency – least, they will  say what options do you have. I know people who got Greece golden visa with them.