Tips for moving to Norway

Dear All,

Im a planning to move to norway and settle down there, but many discourage me from this move, saying that work is hard to find and life expanses with no work are crazy!

I am an italian working in Jeddah,saudi arabia as sales/customer service executive for a freight forwarding company. still new to the company and place (although its well paid, bt i prefer a free country to live in and think of a family)...

any1 get tips abt this and where i can search for a job (cuz in my opinion, its much easier to get a job then move there)
appreciate your help
thx is always recomendable. Register with agencies, etc. But I'd say from personal experience, it is much easier to go and look for work rather than apply from a'll just be another speculative applicant from which they can deduce very little from. I am myself going back home in August to job hunt for a week or so, trying to get things lined up so I can meet and talk to potential employers. If I have any luck, I shall quit my job and move home.

All the best.

PM if you'd like some more info.

Hello :)

Yes its true that is expencive to live in Norway.
If you want to know more about what things cost PM me :)


Salaries are good in Norway and there exists a myth that it is expensive. Salaries compensate for the prices. You'll be better off working and livign in Norway financially than alot of other places in Europe like the UK for example, where salaries are crap and prices are high and inflation is soaring. Hence, I am moving back.

But if you come to Norway on an Italian salary, I am sure you'll think the prices are a bit ridicolous. If you come from a Saudi salary however, you should be earning more than enough to survive in Norway for awhile.


I know that the salaries compensate the high prices....
its true that i am working in KSA, bt the company here, refused to get me a visa as an italian and took me as a lebanese(my 2nd nationality), this way am nt really well paid....

I think Norway is gonna be just a touristic place to visit, as i wont be able to move there without actually finding a real job there..
thx for the replies.

It's expensive to live in Norway but the salary usually balances. I'm originally from the UK and I'd say the quality of life is about the same as you'd find in any European country. Not worse but not better - just the same.

Hello everyone,

Firstly, KNUT i appreciate your help.You are a wonderful human being. Thank you.

Now, I have a similiar query as ezzix has.

I am presently in Riyadh and i am an Indian. I wish to move to norway but i am worried. I do not know anyone there and moreover i know nothing of job prospects i mean the salaries and the taxes there.

I shall be thankfull to all of you if you can shed some light on this.


Hi, I am from India, Hyderabad got a Job in Grimstad,Norway please guide me, how the whether will be and cost of living and what will be the allowances generally company provides. Please suggest me on this. Thank you with early response.

Hey guys,

Well..good luck with your moves to Norway.

About job prospects in Norway, it really depends on your specific skills. Remember, the country does have a skilled and educated work force which you will be competing with. So if you could perhaps share your fields, it would be alot easier to give both a) job prospects, and b) remuneration. I have never been employed in Norway on an expat package, so have no clue what to expect there. Perhaps start a new thread and ask away.

For taxation, go to here:

Google is your friend...

Hi dear Crew,
            I have been wanting to ask if i can live as a foreign citizen and join the NORWEGIAN POLICE force without any inconviniences.I will be very grateful