Looking for part time job.. Im a student in oslo

Looking for job.. Any kind of job.. But im good in cleaning and caring.. Im a practical nursing in philippines.. And i worked as an au pair for 4 years. And now im a student and need to have part time job.. Hope you can help me..

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You should post an advert in the Jobs in Olso section. It could help.

You can read these articles on Work in Norway as well.

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Rhencee; I suggest you try Norway's large job sites:


Do a keyword search in English in order to find the few non-Norwegian speaking jobs or if you speak a bit of Norwegian then I know there are a few Filipinas working in nursing/social workers in Oslo.

Rhencee, sorry take this direct link here:


Hei.. New in norway!!

I am also looking for that site.. Hoping i can find.. Thank you so much:)

If you are looking for a student job such as cleaning part-time then the Norwegian word is "Renhold" on the job site, but I am not sure if you can send of an application in English. You can also search by au pair, there are also jobs in kitchens and cafes and nursing homes allthough some of these require Norwegian skills.

If you want to stay in Norway then try to find a free Norwegian course, do contact your local City Council by email to ask if they provide free language courses or if they can guide you.

Oslo Kommune if you live in Oslo , Bergen Kommune for Bergen etc....