Work and Residence Permits for EEA Nationals

Does anybody know much about work and residence visas for EEA nationals?

The Norwegian embassy says one thing and the people at the utlendingsdirektoratet tell me another thing and then the NAV tell me yet another thing!

Add to that, there's been a change in the rules recently so it's all totally confused now.

If you are an EEA national then you do not need a work permit.  You can live in Norway for up to three months at a time (so if you go 'home' every three months or more frequently, then you don't need to think about anything except getting a personnummer).

If you plan on staying longer than three months then you must register with the police within the three month period.

As of 1st of January, there will be no requirement to register for a residency permit.  This means that if you entered Norway on or before the 1st of October, then you must get apply for a residency permit no later than 31st of December (preferably as soon as possible).  If you entered Norway after the 1st of October, then you do not need a residency permit.

But the UDI told me I can live and work for six months and when I went to the police station, they had no idea what I should register for and told me to go the UDI :s

These are three relevant links from the UDI.  If you can't read Norwegian, find someone who can.  It's a lot of information, and also very important.  Even I'm confused by it!

Takk. Min norsk er ikke bra så jeg skal gi denne til min dame til leser :)

Jeg ga alle dokumentene mine til dama mi også :-)

By the way if any EEA nationals are going to apply for a permit, even though it says on the form that you need two identical passport photographs, you do not.

Best to check beforehand of course but the folks at the UDI refused to accept mine. 200kr wasted!


i will be moving to oslo starting june. i am from romania, EU member, so i assume i don't need to go registe? or do i?
i dont speak norwegian yet.

Everybody needs to register with the folkeregister, even the Norwegians. Head down to the foreign workers service centre at the Utlendingsdirektoratet, also known as the UDI ( and you'll have to fill in some forms.

For EU/EEA nationals it's mostly just a formality though.

Oh and the forms are in English and maybe Polish - a lot of the displays and signs are Polish, English and Norwegian in the UDI.

thank you!
i will go then at udi and say hi :P

Does anyone know in Oslo where the Nav Job service is and if so, can an adviser help me find work in Norway.
I tried to find it a few days ago but I went to an NAV office where then afterwards I was directed to the UDI office which was not what I was looking for.

I'm wanting to move asap as my girlfriend is now working in Norway.

Can anyone give me any tips? Please :)



There are several - it depends on where you live as to which one you should attend.

You have to get registered with the UDI first before the NAV will help you with anything though.

No problem, I have a link to the UDI registrar so will do that. My girlfriend is living in Moss which is south of Oslo so will probably go to that one.

Does anyone know any english speaking jobs or bar work just to get started in Norway? I'm learning Norsk at the moment, really enjoying, fasinating language.