Any American Nurses out there?

I am an American educated Registered Nurse now living in Norway. I am trying to get my 4 year bachelor's in nursing and American nursing license recognized by SAFH, and am encountering difficulties.

Has anyone been through this process? American or otherwise?

The initial response was that I was lacking training in several clinical areas, despite having worked as a nurse for 7 years and as a midwife for 6 more!

Any help would be great.


I know this is an old thread but I was hoping to be able to get some info on how likely it is that I will get autorisasjon as an RN in Norway (BSN from the US)

Thanks so much!

it can be quite difficult. Look up some of the articles on Emily Bratt Stange. She's a nurse/midwife from the US who fought for years to get authorization here.

here are some article links- you'll need google translate for most, probably

I was the one who started this thread originally, and who the person below referenced. I did eventually get authorization, but it took 5 years. I'd be happy to answer questions you might have.

The short answer is, you might be able to get authorization if you have a bachelor's degree in nursing. If it is an associate's degree, then there is no chance. If you have an accelerated degree, there is no chance. You will in all likelihood have to repeat very basic clinicals--6-8 weeks each of geriatrics, home health care and psychiatry are very common requirements for any nurse educated outside of the EU--especially the US and Australia.

The rules will change in 2017, whereupon you will have to take a nursing exam (that even the Norwegian nurses don't take), as well as the required month long class on Norwegian health care.

Again, I'd be happy to answer other questions you might have.


This is Jaffar Shakir indian living in England,recently got authorisation approval as a dentist in Norway.I would be grateful to you if you guide me where to look for jobs ?

I will start learning Norwegian language soon.I don't mind working in community dental services in Norway.

I would start at aka “Finn”. Most jobs are posted there.

Thank you so much Emmy.

I am looking  as a community dentist job -as a dentist to check dental health in children like in school


Hello Emmy

I am in England and at the moment, what would be ur advice how to start learning Norwegian language-internet online or class or come to  Norway and learn.


Thanks so much for the post, very helpful!  Just wondering - I was an RN with a 2 year (American) degree, with 2 years experience, but my license expired 15 years ago.  Do you think I would have to simply start all over?  Or do they have accelerated courses for cases like mine?

Best thing to do is to launch an application on their website so that they can assess all your educational and work experience credentials. They will give you a detailed explanation of what you lack and how to complete it in case they cannot issue you an authorization.

Hello! I am a new nurse educated in the U.S, and I know I have a long way to go with learning the language and all the paperwork. I'm not looking into to leave for 2 or 3 years but I would like to know how you did the paperwork. I was looking on Sak and dont know how to get the curriculum document about all the hours and theories/objectives for everything I did during my four year degree. How did you do/get the paperwork to complete this requirement? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I contacted my nursing school/department. They have this information documented when they are credentialed, but it is a lot of work for them. My former advisor assembled lots of paperwork with description of each class, hours met, hours spent in lab, hours spent in clinical, and  hours EXPECTED TO BE SPENT OUTSIDE OF THE CLASSROOM. Norwegian credits include these hours in their totals, Us credits do not, and so it appears that we have fewer hours. The ECTS (European credit transfer system) recognizes this and takes this into account when converting credits, but when I was approved SAK or the helsedepartement does not use ECTS. BUt to answer your question—contact your school of nursing, maybe try to assemble as much of the information you can your self from course catalogs and info online and old syllabi. Good luck. It’s an incredible hassle.

Thank you so much for the reply! I can already tell this is going to be really hard to get from my nursing school since they are asking for forms to help with this and there are no forms to be found 🤦‍♀️. I'll try to get a nursing advisor to help me. Thanks again for the help. After you got all this paperwork done was it difficult to get a job?

It is easy to get a job once you get your authorization, provided that you speak norwegian language already.

Hey EmmyB appreciate the info!

I am a nursing student living in the US,are all these extra education requirements still needed & if so can you take the 6-8 week courses at the same time or do you have to take them separately?

I plan on getting my bachelor's,are they more accepting of non EU immigrant nurses since the pandemic or still very strict?

Also,was it worth it?

Thank you so much!

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