Help me to find a job in Norway

Hi, Can someone help me to find a job in Norway? Now I'm living in Sweden(I'm from Italy), but I supposed to move to Norway. Is it difficult to find job in the restaurants, in the countryside or stuffs like that? I'm not a skilled worker, nontheless I'd like to learn everything :)Thank you for the help ;)

Finding a job will be very difficult unless you know a Scandinavian language or have a high demand skill.

Many of the unskilled jobs are taken by people from Sweden who already speak a Scandinavian language.

Hi, pls. suggest which jobs are high in demand in Norway?


Hi Tarunak!

This article from our participative guide will surely help you!


I need the language for washing dishes? There is not anyone able to speak english in the restaurants? Thank you anyway.

In Oslo, you can find a job delivering newspapers if you're lucky. Contact

If you insist working in restaurants, try for instance. I know they have a high turnover for the 'busboy' position.

Hotels may also hire non-Norwegian speakers as cleaners.

You'll need patience, persistence, good contacts, and some luck to find an unskilled job as a foreigner in Oslo.

Buona fortuna!

Thank you very much alexanv, I appreciate it, I will check it out ;)

Hello William,

Annah here from Nairobi.

Did you get any assistance on your request.
Good luck!!!!

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My name is David Lucau , I am  wondering if you could help to find a job in Norway. And I also want know how can I find a flat to stay , if I get a chance to work in Oslo. I am an Irish citizen, my hope is to come to work in Oslo Norway ,or you could send me an address of recruitment agencies. Please try to give me a address of the office , where can I get a assurance number for work and I wish you to send me an answer in my E-mail address.

Yours sincerely

David Lucau

can any one helpe. how can i find job in noway with no skills

ignatus wrote:

can any one helpe. how can i find job in noway with no skills

how did you manage to find a job in your own country with no skills?

pls. can some one like me on how i can get job in norway


I'm afraid that it's not a good time to look for a job without any particular skills. Unemployment is starting to rise and the economic outlook is deteriorating somewhat. My impression is that this has intensified competition for the sort of entry level jobs you might be after. The most important skill to have, as has been mentioned, is the ability to speak a Scandinavian language. I think someone speaking a Scandinavian language will always be chosen over someone who doesn't. At least for this type of job.

If you want to look for jobs, the best place is The site is in Norwegian, but you could try searching in English.


Surely the first thing to do is to go to Norway and suss the place out. Everybody has SOME skill at something, but those with the lowest skills will usually get the lowest wage. Speaking the language is not absolutely essential, in my observation, but again - low language skill = low wage. The quicker a newcomer learns to speak Norwegian, the better.

My son moved to Norway ten years ago, aged 28, and took some very poorly paid jobs; then, with a bit of Norsk under his belt he found work on construction sites. Some of the enquirers here (on this Norway forum) need to give more information about themselves AND to tell us what things they have already done to answer their own questions. (What sites have they found on Google, for instance?)