Life of job seekers in Norway

Hello Job Seekers in Norway,
Despite of several request or queries received from many people regarding the life in Norway & seeking a job in Norway after coming in job seeking visa, I thought of sharing my experience in Norway about Norway job prospects.
Firstly, Norway is not a land of Immigrants like Canada or Australia. The unemployment rates of immigrants are v.high.  Employers' lack of trust towards non-national workers especially from India & Pakistan is one of the major factors affecting the employment prospects of immigrants. Employers are unwilling to recruit immigrants due to  lack of trust, which prevents them from considering non-national applicants. In fact, other than Norwegian applicants, they would prefer Scandinavian nationals such as Swedish, Danish or Spanish because they assume that the culture & work ethics are similar.
Therefore, they indirectly discriminate with demand of excessive Norwegian language competence even though the performance of the job tasks in practice may not require full command of the language.
As an example, the requirement of excellent language proficiency has repeatedly been mentioned in advertisements for cleaning jobs, painting, restaurants, and cattle fields, shops, picking & packing.
The demand for competence in the Norwegian language made by employers is so vague that, when needed, it could be used as a reason to reject all the non-native candidates. In fact, unnecessarily high language requirements in application procedures are a common mechanism of indirect discrimination.
Finally, the employers did not perceive immigrant workers as competent and tended to doubt
qualifications and skills obtained outside Norway.
Another major problem of immigrant unemployment is the reserved attitudes of employers.
In short, due to these all reasons it is very very hard to get a job in Norway. Even though if you have many masters or decades of experience, it wont be counted due to discrimination of Norwegians towards Indians & Pakistani's. I have seen many Indian job seekers arrived in Job seeking visa went back after spending huge money, time, effort & jobs from their home country. Since Norwegian language fluency is must in all fields such as marketing, sales, accounting, pharmacy, admin, HR, law, nursing,care taker, IT, hotel, cleaning and many other fields and lack of education & experience from Norway, it is almost impossible to get a job in Norway…Please take ur decision wisely..Those who are interested to spend their entire money in Norway and wants to return home with out a job can apply for job seeking visa..Good luck…

Hello prem2012.

Welcome to!

Thank you for sharing your experience. ;)


Prem2012, I think what you wrote is interesting and true to a point but also hugely unfair to Norway and Norwegians.

Yes it is very difficult to get a job in Norway as a foreigner. And yes, the main reason for this is language. I think that if one intends to move to a country and work and create a life there then OF COURSE you should expect to learn the language. Yes, all jobs require good Norwegian language skills because in most jobs there will be some kind of communication and interaction involved and not everybody can/wants to speak English. And why should they? Just so you can come here and work? Why should Norway and Norwegians change for you?

Some jobs you mentioned:
Cleaning jobs: When you get instructions on where and what to clean, they will probably be in Norwegian.
Restaurant jobs: If you are a waiter you will be speaking to Norwegians and taking orders in Norwegian, if you work in the kitchen you will be instructed in Norwegian. How would you feel if you went for a nice meal out and had to order your food in a foreign language that maybe you're not that comfortable/confident speaking?
Shops: Again, you'll be conversing with the Norwegian public so Norwegian is essential.
Picking and packing: How will you know what to pick and what to pack if you can't take instructions in Norwegian?

You see my point.

And in regards to Norway not recognizing foreign education.. I know this can be a source of frustration for some, but it actually is logical. Different countries have different levels and requirements in relation to education (a bachelor degree in Norway may be different to a bachelor degree in England for example), so Norwegians like to make sure that everybody is on the same page before hiring somebody. This is understandable and right.

Also, it is just easier to hire a Norwegian. They speak the language already, they've had the same upbringing, they have the same culture, you know exactly what their education means and you know what to expect. This is not discriminatory, this is just how it is, all over the world, not just in Norway.

I think everybody should wake up and not expect that Norway will change for them, you have to change for Norway.. Sånn er det bare.

Hi Tillukka,

The reason that you have mentioned above might be true to a certain extend. But my biggest question is:
Why Norwegian authority ( UDI, department) is issuing Job seeking visa to the Non-Norwegian Speakers. knowingly that they dont speak Norwegian language. Each application they analyse degree's & experience obtained from other country carefully and issue Job seeking visa for a period of only 6 months with a Visa fees of 25,000 Indian rupees. I have seen many (skilled workers) job seekers who came to Norway in Job seeking visa in the following fields such as marketing, sales, accounting, waiters, administration & HR etc which it is almost impossible to get a job with out Norwegain language..Although u already proved that Norwegian language is necessary for most of the jobs..
Is it possible & fair towards job seekers on below mentioned points..

1) Is it possible for the job seekers to learn Norwegian language  fluently and compete with native norwegian speakers in these 6 months and prove the employer and qualify for the job ? (remember language learning is v.expensive in Norway)

2) Although qualified skilled job seeker visa holder has proved his degree's and experience before Norwegian Visa Authorities and at the same time these degrees are not accepted by the Norwegian employers.. is it fair enough..
I am only providing awareness among job seekers that 6 months visa is not enough to get a job in Norway which itself has many limitations such as restriction of doing part time job & work permit will be issued only if he/she possess job offer in same field of education/experience. However, I am not here to impair/hurt Norwegian culture...

That's a good question but to be honest I think its to give everybody a fair shot at building a life in Norway.
Everybody should do their research BEFORE coming to Norway, weigh up the pros and cons and then make their own decision. Just because you get a visa doesn't guarantee you'll get a job here. I think UDI expect people to understand that and expect that people check out the situation in Norway before giving up their life in their home country and all their savings to come here. When you think of it like that its very foolish that people do such things..

If people want to come here so much then they should start learning the language at home and try and get a job before coming to Norway. Yes, this is difficult but that's how it is. If its too difficult then maybe its not meant to be and they shouldn't come to Norway.. Its not Norway's fault, nobody forced them to come here.

Hi prem
Thanks for your precise explanation about life in Norway for foreigners.
Would you please tell us, being a foreigner in Norway how you able to  cope up in such a country where they are not comfortable to hire a non-Norwegian.
I mean to say if you bring light on your personal experiences such as how you survived initially in Norway and how you end up in employment.

Many thanks in advance


Hi Farooq,

As per ur query, there is nothing much to say about the survival in Norway and the ending up of job in Norway.. Anybody will get a house by paying 4000 Kroner in a shared apartment (with 1 or 2 months deposit) and packing back to India upon the completion of job seeking visa period is termed as ending up of employment.. as simple it is....

Although you are planning to visit Norway by September in Job seeking visa.. you will soon realise how to cope up and about the  comfort zone in Norway..good luck..

Hi ,

I am Gurmeet from India. I have applied for Jobseeker visa and likely to get by next month. Reading your experiences especialy from prem2012 , I am scared. I have a masters degree in marketing and sales with about 10 years exp.



For the past ten years I have worked as an expert positioning for  the process of the big MNC's in India  where I have developed my customer service and as well as Accounting skills.
I did MBA MKT in year 2000 batch and working as a Procedures Analyst. what is my chance to find job at Norway in jobseeker visa, is its possiable after expands atleast 6 to 8 lac Rs for learn norway language and as well as in acomdatioan and food and then find job that is related to my skill?

Hi Prem
How you are surviving there without job ? if I am wrong here.
How you got the job in Norway being a Non-Norwegian?


Hi Farooq,

I did not get any job and I am now back in India after searching 6 months in Norway...

Hello Everyone , My self Davinder Singh from Punjab (INDIA), graduate in computers .I was working in the Franchisee of DELL/WIPRO as a Computer Engineer(2008)I did that job about two years ten  I got a chance to live in UK for 2 years (WHM VISA). In 2009 i went UK and really enjoyed the environment and did there job as a Electronics Assembler .I had a 5 year experience in electronics Cause Self Employed with the business of Stabilizers , Amplifiers , UPS during Study . In 2011 came back with the job offer from UK but UK didn't allow me to back because the Work Permit categories were closed and the many rules changed. From October to till today i am in INDIA. I really had a bad experience in INDIA . I know i did born in INDIA shouldn't say that but its true . I was totally fade up from the weather and job conditions, Targets with less salary , Traffic Problems , Strikes lots of things . I tried hard to setup in INDIA . But didn't possible .I was finding the way how can i migrate to other country . They i read in a newspaper about Norway job seeker visa and applied in the march and still waiting for the decision. Everyone is saying in the forum difficult to get a job . But think what quality do you have ? Why they hire you ? Are you skilled worker ? At the moment Computer people are lot in the world. According to my previous experience i think if you are ready for work then there are many opportunities for you . When i went UK i don't have any English skills because never speak . I learnt from Internet and many British friends help with me to improve the language. I think if you are friendly type then will get Norwegian friends and they can help you with the language. I agree with many who said Norwegian is must to get job . Just learn basic and do work hard then you will definitely get success. Even in your country you need to do work hard to get job.
Thanks :

Hi Davinder and Hello everybody,

Davinder, I got the same problem i stayed in UK for 2 years n i came to India.
I applied for the job seeker visa on 16th may. Guys please tell me when can i expect my visa approval?...By the way Davinder, as u said u applied in March, still waiting for approval, so does it take that much time? Please let me know.........

I called to the embassy they are saying because lot of people applying this visa and it takes 5 months... Keep in touch Lucky...davinder(dot)saundh(at)gmail(dot)com

Thank you Davinder..ya definitely i will b in touch.. u too keep me updated..Please let me know once u get the visa..Thank you...

Hi guys. This is Sohal from Chandigarh. I applied on May 7, 2012. Please be in touch. and leave your mobile no. Thanks and Regards.

hi divender & lucky. how r u? its a very nice post from both of u guys. glad to meet u through this forum. i have applied on 7th may but still waiting for reply. hope u all guys to be in touch through this form. take care all.

Hi everybody...Guys plz post here if anybody gets visa...thank you all....

Hi Lucky , M still waiting for the visa approval. When did you apply ?

Hi Davinder, nice to hear from you.. I applied on May 16th..I hope we get visa in August...

hi lucky. how r u? i applied on 7th may at delhi. & from where u applied visa?

Hi luckytlv & everybody , I want to apply for jobseeker visa of any European country . Does anybody tell me how many european countries provides job seeker visa for Indians.

Hi Ktd..even i applied from Delhi..Have u called the Embassy abt the visa?...

hi lucky. thanks for reply. no i have not called to embassy. but on 27 june i send an mail to embassy abt the visa but they reply me & send it takes near abt 2 to 6 months for the job procedure.

To prem2012 & tilluka..

Your exchange of opinions are very informative. Both of you had a good point. How I wish UDI could read this.

Hi guys...anybody got the visa? Im worrying about hotel booking..Many people r getting their visa rejected coz of hotel many of u booked hotel for accomedation?...

Hello, I am an Indian and a teacher by profession. i was thinking to shift to Norway with my family.The impression was that  the  life over there is tough but not impossible. After reading the blog
i am shocked and rethinking my decision. The only advice i need is: If i want to move out from India and settle in any other country then which country is favorable for teaching and provide better opportunities to the teacher?

dasma 10th barma 12th na tuition karo yaar.

nahi to canada student ma jata ro.


I am also a teacher, i had a plan to move to norway now i dropped it due to the above said reason.If you have IELTS  Try for PR in australia or canada...If u want a job in Maldives i can help u

I came here on job seeker visa and recently got a job offer.

congratulations  jobseekereno !! You got a job offer... i am still waiting for the decision.

can I ask you how did you arranged accommodation from here?


What is your actual name and whr r u  from
Whn did u reach norway and what job offer u got. Is it difficult to get a job.How long it will take convert ur visa to Peramanent Visa after gettng a job offer.What type of jobs are easily achievable


Scandinavian country work differently. it is really very difficult to get a good job .

Hi everyone

I am also interested to apply for a job seeker visa in Norway and now I would like to thanks to every1 is participating here coz your comments really making me knowledgeable and giving me path to take the right decision. May all you get success in your life where ever you are. I have a request to you all please keep updating coz it may help not only a person but a life to take the right decision.

thank u for inform about job in norway, r u steel in norway?

tushar from india

HI friends i am ranjith i have started processing to apply norway on job seekers recently new rule has got updated that now we cant show booking hotel accommodation some one who is staying in norway has to provide us accommodation by sending scanned copy of rental contract deed by the owner and a visa copy and a invitation.i am not understanding that few of them are saying only pr holders citizens and green card holders are allowed to give us accommodation is it true statement or even students visa applicants are also can give us accommodation can you help me on this question.

Hi ranjith

What you are thinking is true.... But guys who have residence permit can give... but giving accommodation is not so easy... It is like mission impossible...You have to try harder Or you should know someone in make it easy for you......

prem2012 & tilluka.....

firstly the points you bring forth are very very good and is the reality of Norway.

The MAIN thing here is (I assume and am sure its correct) tilluka has got a job in Norway and prem2012 went back to India coz he didnt get a job. Hence prem criticizes Norway job market while tilluka defends it.

All job hunting facts put forth by prem are real and the reasons to why non-norweigians wont get jobs is given by tilluka which are correct too.

As a country Norway is a great place to migrate to due to the relaxed nature of the society, well organized processers, facilities etc etc. But to enjoy this life style you do need a job in Norway (unless you have millionair parents :P ).

since there is many indians on this thread I want to remind you something similar to this. Non-norweigian immigrant getting a job fulfilling your academic stats in Norway is like being selected for the indian national cricket team. Many will try but only a very very very few will succeed (reality of life itself). The ones who succeed get the rewards while others have to look for different paths to reach their goals.

So my advice is.... try your luck. do your research and come to Norway. give it your all and try to get employed.

Salary scales do not differ much depending on Job role. Taxes are high but to counter it salaries are somewhat high. And cost of living maybe high but there are ways to reduce living costs.

Good luck to all job seekers in this thread