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This is to know that I am getting an offer from "Marawin Group" for the post of "Head - Finance & Accounts" for their Plastic Division based at Logos. Will anybody help me to know about the profile of the company. Anticipating a helpful information.

Since you have the name of the comptissue more adviceable you find the info thru the company website.  Thanks...

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The website of the company is not available. The company name is Reco plastic Limited of  "Marawin Group".

How did you connect with them ? Gate is their email address or contact number..... 
What's is  your contact number on wazapp

Thanks Ezeorjiewulu,

I am getting offer through consultants in India.

My Contact Number is ***
My Email Address is ***

Further is also part of this group.

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Did you visit Lagos, how is it?
Would you happen to know of a Pakistani community in Lagos?

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