Help - considering a job offer in Nigeria

Hi Guys - and Ladies

Both my wife and I recently received a job offer to live and work in Nigeria (Victoria Island to be exact).

Can anyone please give me more information about the living conditions, lifestyle, security, healthcare etc.

I would like to seriously consider it but have a few reservations as explained above - any information would be really helpful.

Looking forward to hearing from a few expats.

Kind Regards

I am looking for the same information, Please somebody out there help us to provide some information.

Hello, maybe the post on Cost of living in Nigeria would help?

VI is a peninsula where a lot of expats live.  It's to the ocean side of Lagos and attached by two (soon to be 3) bridges.  It can be fairly self contained and international schools and shops are there but at peak travel is a nightmare to go anywhere else.

You do not say what your job will be but you will need housing and a company car and Lagos is very expensive although there is little to buy in the luxury line that cannot be sourced much much cheaper at home.

Not too scary as regards security, just normal big city issues, but it is chaotic and living here is an acquired taste so not for everyone. Quality and maintence are not words associated with Lagos and it's hard to get things done properly. 

The expats that make it are divided into two main groups those that enjoy the broad social life with the broad expat comunity and those based in the camps who base themselves arround camp life.  Unlike every other country I have lived interaction with the wider local community tends to be very limited