I was offered a job in Nigeria, need information about life there.


I'm not an expat yet, but i would like to work outside of my country.
Now i'm working in Moscow as Facility project coordinator in company who own shopping centers in Russia, but i also have a 3 years experiance in constuction.

I was offered a job in Nigeria  in Cappa&d'Alberto on one of their construction projects in Lagos, 16 stories office tower, from the guy who was working in IKEA also, but i have not communicated detailes yet. The position is the project manager's back up on site, speaking on behalf of company to the client, following up a schedule of the project, contractors, construction dairy and so on.

I have never worked abroad and i guess Nigeria is not an easy country to start. SO

1) have you heard about this company, cause it is not a lot of info in internet about it. I was told that it is one of three biggest construction companies in Nigeria and that they have more than 20 sites.

2) can you please advise how usually the expat contract does look like. I was told that the project is  four years. Does it mean that i will have to sign a four years contract without a possiblity to quit if it turns really hard for me.
which benefits should i communicate exept house,car, utilities, home flight, health care. i gues i have to do some vaccinations?

3) also if possible advise the place of living in Lagos to be on a safety side.
I'm reading different expat forums now and it seems to be quite dangerous country in general.

4) what about the salary, is it better to recieve it on local bank account or on offshore  or split.
If it is possible could you also advise an approximate salary level.

5) I also have a wife and i have a possibility to take her with me.
She is an it developer in Deutch Bank. will it be possible to her to find a job there.
and how is life for young white girl over there can it be a problem for her.

Thanks a lot.

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Thanks a lot.
Really waiting for replies.

I m currently working in a construction industry based at gurgaon-india at a sr level with a salary of 25 lacs p.a
have been shorlisted for a sr position with a construction coz in nigeria , need to confirm my expected salary to them
plz give me some idea on the salary i can look for.

i'm living and working in Lagos.About two weeks ago C&D introduced a new project manager.He had been working in Moscow for Ikea company before he came to Lagos. Do you know him?

Yes i do. He is Anselmo Florentino.

And do you know the company?

yes, i do.what is the project you mentioned before?

where are you come from? what is your nationality?
C&D is good company, one of the oldest in Nigeria.The life in Nigeria is different from Moscow, but a lot of expatries are living here with wives and children.my young white girlfrind has no problem here:)

I 'am Russian and now i live in Russia.
As i was told it is a 16 stories office tower on Victoria island seashore, infront of Galeria cinemas. The Client is "Standard Chartered Bank".

я знаю этот проект и твой друг был представлен как РМ и он начал работатью

Hi ilyaol, :) Could you please write in English in the anglophone forum so that other members understand.

Thank you very much. :)

Hello everybody! It is so nice to see Russian on the site!
I have been here for 3 years already. And I can say  it is not so bad at all! Though there are some riles you better follow (in terms of security and safety).
Normally an employer forwards a job offer along with a typical contract. You are about to sign a long-term one so look at the terms of terminating it - as a rule you are to give two month notice prior quitting. Though in my case it was one month. as for salary, split scheme is better.  You can get, say, 1 000 USD here and the rest  - to ur offshore bank.

ilyaol wrote:

я знаю этот проект и твой друг был представлен как РМ и он начал работатью

And how did you know about the project?
In your profile is written that you'r in Israel now.
What is your profession?

right. i was in Israel when i registrated. i have been in Lagos since May and i have been working in construction sector  as PM as well.

Ok Great finally i found some one from constraction.
Please your oppinion about company and Project.
About country and construction business there.
Position offered to me -  is something symilar to site engineer.
I will recieve detailed description of responcibilities and working conditions tomorrow.
Thanks in advance.

i know Anselmo. are you in contact with him?
the project is simple enogh, only first stage is headache. the company, as wrote you is one of the bigest and oldest in Nigeria.if you want we can communicate through Skype or by phone.

Yes i am in contact with him
It will be greate to contact you via skype or phone.
now i am in office in business tip in Omsk, but i will be in hotel approximately in an hour and a half.
And we can talk by skype.

my skype nickname is gorretz

Илья Ольшевский  is it you?

Hello Goretz :)

Could you please write in English in the Anglophone forum?


yes of cours it was just a russian name that is why i wrote it in russian

Thanks, now we know what it was.

Hi there

I am a south african considering a job offer in nigeria and would like help with best suburb to live in with a good standard of schools for my kids, adequate security and generally a great social environment for chilrdren and families. Where is best to be loacted? Is there a website i can visit with pictures of areas such as Victoria Island and other similar areas?

Hi, though the company exist in Nigeria, I can't tell if there is a vacancy for expat. However, I believe you can reach your embassy in Nigeria for some of the info.

I wouldn't know about the salary. Lagos is a sweet place to stay, good security, hospitable. Cost of living is average.

Getting a job for your wife may be a little difficult especially in the banking industry.
Do your investigation.

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