Ports in nigeria


ide like to ask a few questions about life in nigeria.
ive been approached about a job at one of the main ports in nigeria as an engineer,i dont know which one as it was an agency that approached me,i consider them a good agency as ive dealt with them before.
my main concern is obviously safety,on a scale of 1 to 10 how dangerous is it for a single guy from the uk over there and what are the safety concerns?

any advice is greatly appreciated.


Hi Dave, welcome on Expat-blog! :)

You may have a look at other threads on the Nigeria forum.

I wish you good luck and i hope you get replies very soon.

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Where in Nigeria?

in not sure it didnt say on the email,but one of the major ports and im assuming there arnt many over there?

I hope I understand what you mean by ports, but there are ports in Lagos, Portharcourt, Calabar and Warri. These are completely different locations and none of them particularly less relevant than the other. So it would really help if you found out where so we can help.

hi Dave,you have to get the port you are going,we have logos,port Harcourt,calabar and other dry ports,i will still have to guide you still,to get back to you later

hi guys,

been a while since i posted buy i turned the job down as it was to long to be away from the family.
but now ive been re-approached about the job with a better time scale of 3 months there at a time instead of 6 so now im a little more interested in things.

ill be working at the port in lagos so how are things there at the min ?

all info greatly appreciated guys.

They're all f*cked up places to work but Lagos is generally about as good as it gets.

what do you mean by  "f*cked up places to work" ?

Sandman6 wrote:

They're all f*cked up places to work but Lagos is generally about as good as it gets.

Can you please avoid such strong words to describe things ? :|