Moving to Nigeria

Hi, I live and work in Canada and have 5 years experience in market research projet management.  I have a BA in Social Science with concentration in Sociology from the University of Ottawa and a certification in project management. I plan to move to Nigeria in September 2010.  I am looking for any ideas for the best way to start looking for a job.  Any ideas or comments are welcome.  Thanks!


Getting a Job in Nigeria with your educational background can be hard for you. What Nigeria needs presently is business, science, technology and engineering professionals that can really help with the growing economy. Anyway, you dont have a loose hope, I wish you best of lucks in your search.

Hello, my name is henry Okpo. i work with Online Property Advertisers Limited with  trading name.

we are technology company. what do you need,

you need an employment or business ideas you can invest your money into?

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thank you.

Henry Okpo.

My best advice would be to apply as an Expatriate. If you have dual citizenship that is.

If not then I advise you come on holiday with your CV ready and also start meeting people in high places. Getting to know people and asking them to recommend you for an interview is a soaring thing in Nigeria.

Working with an MNC is the best thing to do as working for government companies leads to problems. Eg they may not pay you on time etc etc

I hope that helps you can always PM if necessary.