Doing business in Nigeria


I am thinking of opening an office to sell real estate or holiday products in Nigeria and wanted to know the procudure.

I hear that you need a lot of patience to do business there and paperwork and without contacts you cannot get anything done. I am Indian living in Spain but the econmony is really bad and looking to diversify into something else.

Please get in touch and would appreciate your knowledge and experience of living there.


Also I forgot to mention that any assistance on getting a small flat and stuff would be appreciated.


Welcome to the forum Victor :)

I hope you will obtain some responses & suggestions soon concerning the steps in setting up a business there.

For accommodation in Nigeria, you can also post a customized advert on Nigeria Classifieds page, Category>Accommodation.

I wish you good luck & success for the realisation of your project.


Thanks for your wishes and hope things come through.

Would you know of how to setup companies and costs involved also heard that licences to trade are difficult.

Hopefully should be out there soon and maybe catch up over a coffee.


Getting documentation for a new company is not difficult at all..

Great news about the paperwork.

Any suggestions who to contact please

lupain wrote:

Great news about the paperwork.

Any suggestions who to contact please

Your best bet is to use an established and internationally recognised law firm. City Partners, based in Lagos is a possibility. Let Google be your friend :)

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Try UUBO/ Alsec to set up company. You are looking at Naira 5M for a small servced office and a few million Naira set up fees.