AGIP Nigeria

I have been offered work for AGIP in Nigeria.  Employer has stated they will apply for my Expatriate Quota Approval Paper.  In order to do so I must provide:
1)  Proof of acceptance of employment.  I have done this by signing and returning to them the "Employment Letter".
2)  Copy of the photo page of my passport. Which I did already
3)  Expatriate Medical Insurance Policy coverage certificate (EMIP) which is only obtainable from Insurance companies in Nigeria.  Employer is stating I have to pay for this as well.

Is this normal as I have worked Overseas in KSA and Company usually provides this

Any help in this would be greatly appreciated.

Dear Sir,

Was this a scam or not as I got a similar offer? And please if is it possible to share your WhatsApp number so we can talk.

Best Regards

Yes mee too ı got a  offer   from agip  but company wants  (EMIP)  how can ı buy  (EMIP) can you help me please


Hi hope all doing well, I just got the same offer and conditions for a oil company.

Was it finally a scam?
This is absolutely a scam, First they provide trust, then they want more take care mr.

@jmooreconsulting  this a scam mr.  unfortunatelly i.m sorry there are hundreds person that and remitter money  but there isnt jop

Any time you are asked to bring bribe for a job, it's usually a scam.
Any job that requires you pay to gain employment is a scam.
Faderera Aderibigbe
Immigration Lawyer

@heythem HSE I have the same situation broo.

Simply go to agip website and send an enquiry email or call a number up there but it stinks of scam though 99%, take care and do not let your hard earned money out like that.