Obtaining an anmeldung with airbnb host

Hello, Grateful if anyone can help.  Have obtained accommodation in Munich however I would like to get the anmeldung process started before my lease starts so that I can open a bank account, have an address for health insurance etc for when my new job and lease start.

If I rent an air bnb out for a period of say three weeks, but stay for only one or two nights, so I can make my first application for registration at a burgerburo in Munich, will this suffice if I get a signed wohungsgeberbestätigung from the air bnb landlord/lady? My intention would be to rent for three weeks to allow for postage for documents, arrive day one, get the Wohungsgeberbestätigung signed, attend my appointment on day two and return for my new job/apartment two or three weeks later leaving my air bnb vacant but paid for.

Grateful for any suggestions. Many thanks.

Please note that you have to register at the address where you actually stay.Thus what you describe above is not legal and cannot be recommended!
In addition, since AirBnB is for short-term stays, the landlord is not abligated (and probably also not willing) to sign your Wohungsgeberbestätigung.

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