Living in Munich

Hallo All,

I will move from the Netherlands to Munich in 2 months and I would like to know if someone in the forum could give me some help ...

concerning the accomodation, the settlement tips and the social activities available in Munich

Thanks in advance for you help!


I have lived - and worked - in Munich a few years ago. I wanted to live outside the city, closer to nature and Alps. I had a car and gas paid by the company, so I got a good deal: a cute, but thoroughly modern and comfortable apartment over a barn in a typical Bavarian village, with great views and good access to Munich. At that time it was about $450 euro a month. A car there was a necessity, because it was about 7 miles to the nearest commuter train station. Several of my coworkers lived in apartments in that larger village, with commuter train, so they had no -heavy - expense of commuting by car.  Munich is very international, there are cinemas that show international films in original language version (otherwise in Germant everything is dubbed to German, which I find immensly annoying, even though I am fluent in German), be it Chinese, French, English, Polish or whatever. There are tons of clubs ( clubs for expats, too), pubs, etc. There is a large university and a large student population. Sightseeing opportunities - both in the city and its surroundings - are abundant.

I went to Munich for the Oktoberfest. its an impressive city

Well, moving to Munich is a great idea and one I am sure you won't regret.  The expat community here is very active and large.
Rent can vary incredibly here, but please be aware that a substantial amount of money is usually required for a flat, unless you plan to do a flat share.  For example, when I first moved to Munich, my flat cost 1100Eur per month, with 3 months deposit required as well as an agents fee of also 3 months rent plus first months rent up front.  All in all just getting a place to live cost me upfront just under 8000Eur.  Mind you, there are ways to cut out the agents fee.

Best of luck.

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