Whats happening New years eve in Munich??

Hey Everyone!

I'm here for the holidays and don't know too many people at the moment.
Is there anything happening on New Year's Eve that is cool? Good music and connecting with others is ideal (I'm not really a drinker either)

Let me know of any events!

Thank you!

Just a few days after the quiet (and for singles boring) Christmas time, Germany is back in party mode on New Year's Eve. You will find the biggest and loudest events of the year, just look around yourself for ads (e.g. in the free events magazines available in many places) and do buy an entrance ticket in advance. Don't forget to top it off with some do-it-yourself fireworks at midnight (you can buy them only during the three days before). Have fun!

Many clubs, bars, restaurants etc. will have a special event which requires booking in advance. Germans set off fireworks at midnight. In Stuttgart, where I live, the city is a series of valleys and high hills. Many people go to one of the higher places to get a good view over the city to see the fireworks. Many bring drinks and/food and make an open party. Not sure how it works in Munich since while there are high mountains in the distance, the city itself is basically flat. So it’s hard to say where the best observation points would be. Most of the fun is centered around drinking and if one doesn’t like thick sulfuric smoke and the risk of rockets and firecrackers exploding in your face then it is maybe a better choice to stay indoors. None of the options sounds like its ideal when one is single and alone. Maybe a bigger venue with good bands…

I would suggest looking for newspapers or publication (often free in bars and cafes) that show cultural events happening in the area. The following is a list of results from a quick search at Google showing New Year’s (Silvester or Sylvester in German) events in Munich.

https://www.muenchen.de/veranstaltungen … ester.html

https://www.ganz-muenchen.de/gastro/eve … sonst.html

https://veranstaltungen.meinestadt.de/m … ter-events

https://www.in-muenchen.de/nightlife/be … 66397.html

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