Any Amazon Sellers living in Korea?


My name is Jonathan and I'm trying to find out if there are any expats living in Korea doing Amazon FBA globally (but for sure in US marketplace).

How is the Amazon market scene in Korea?

Are people in Korea talking about Amazon at all?

How are people are Amazon Sellers organizing meet ups?

Are there events/conferences centered about selling on Amazon and who are the groups that organize these things ?


Hello, I'm Jenna.
Why are you looking for people who does Amazon FBA?
What are you looking for?
The Amazon korea is organizing the meeting. There are some koreans who does Amazon FBA for US. I've been that meeting.
If you want more information, feel free to contact me by email.

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Are you trying to import into Korea or are you trying to drop ship your products elsewhere, but you happen to be living in Korea?  I am in a similar bind, so perhaps we should chat.

If you are attempting to import into Korea, it could be a challenge, as you will need a Customs ID, apparently only given to foreigners.

Joel Monkarsh, ***

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This is a message to moderator and to the person who posted the query about Amazon Sellers living in Korea.  How do we reach people if it has to be via private messaging?  Is that information available via

It used to be possible for expats to meet to discuss the practicalities of setting up Amazon seller arrangements and meeting Korean nationals, so that we can meet at meetups.  The person who posted her message wrote that she belongs to a meetup which does precisely that.

There had been a regular group called Korea Business Network, but COEX raised its site rates and the group organizers lost their sponsorship, so if there is a way for people on this site to meet to do business in South Korea, the moderator should indicate where on this site we can find that information.  KBN also was set up so that expats could easily find Korean partners, because KBN's format was set up in a speed dating format with a goal of finding business partners.

In this instance, the person I am responding to has mentioned a regular meetup where this can be done.  If we cannot share contact information via, how would we do this?

Joel Monkarsh

Where is that private messaging service on this site?

Joel Monkarsh


I am Rajesh i am searching amazon seller who selling product on amazon
Rajesh, I have sold several books on Amazon and occasionally I get a small royalty from them.  I strongly prefer to be contact via email.*** - Joel

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