Looking for employees, massage therapists and friends


I am Lap, looking for massage therapists for my shop in ILSAN.
If there are people who are interested or if you know somebody who can do massage, please kindly contact me..

Look forward to hearing from you

Thank you in advance.

Hello lap2030.

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Can you please post an advert in the Jobs in South Korea section?

Thank you,

Hello my name is Ismael and I am a young sports massage therapist looking for job in Seoul! I know you have posted long time ago but I am applying if you still having the job!
thank you! Regards!

Hi Ismael,

I invite you to post an ad in the jobs in South Korea section.

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Hi lap,im jane from philippines iam a licensed therapist. If the job still available i would like to apply. Thank you.

Goodevening lap2030,my {real}name is michalis dimakis{mike} ,i  am 29 years old and my nationality is hellenic{greek-european passport  holder}.i saw yesterday that you looking for professional spa therapist,and i think i am the write person.All my studies have been complicated in Chiang mai thailand,and i was working 2008-2009
in Lesante spa hotel as a spa manager/ spa therapist,2009-2010 in dafnila bay greco as a massage therapist.Now europe is going down and Greece face too much problems ,so now i am in Cyprus.Generaly iw ant to go in s.korea because i like the people there and i want to increase my career.
  Now i want to give you same details about my studies:
C.m.s.a= chiang mai spa academy 500hrs
*aroma oil massage
*foot treatment{scrub.mask,maasage}
*swedish massage{awesome}
*sport massage
*facial treatment
*body scrub& mask
*thai massage

T.M.C.=Chiang mai thai massage school
*150 hrs thai massage north style

*AROMA MASSAGE THAI STYLE{SIMILAR to swedish with thai movements}
*hot stone massage
*hot compress massage
*tok sen = is not so popular ,you combine with thai massage for better results.awesome!!!!!

As you see i have experience ,i will came to s.Korea any time u ask me .I dont know anybody in your country but i dont care about this ,i like my job i am professional and perfectionist!!please help me .This that i forget to tell you is that my hobbies is gym-fitness ,mui thai, so i am good looking guy.i give you my e mail mdimakis3@gmail.com so with can be in contact.
  thanks a lot i will appriciate your answer even is negative

Hi Mike,

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Please note that this topic is from 2012.

@Mike and @ jane0234, I suggest you to post an advert in the Jobs in South Korea, Beauty section, this might help.



Hi there:) Lap This is Prechie 23 years old. Are u still need a massage therapist in your company? I am from the Philippines. Hope to hear from you:)

Hiring now for a Ladies Beauty Lounge in Sharjah. Massage and Beauty Therapists. Should be extremely pleasant, sincere and dedicated

Mike, pls send us a mail on bailine@bailine.me if you are still earching for a job. We would like ro hear from you!

Hi. . Im dimer . . Are you hIring a boy massage theraPist, .

Hi dimer > this is an old topic. If you are looking for a job, i invite you to post an advert in the jobs section.

Did you mean Sharja in Dubai?..I am a massage therapist. how much is the offer?


Thank you for your response. We are located in Sharjah, UAE. The offer depends on your expertise and experience in the field . Please send us your latest CV.

Hi im anelyn :)  from philippines. Presently staying here in south korea w/ my sister married here. Im looking for a job. Is there any vacancy for massage theraphy. You can reach me at my e mail. Mahal_kita2172@yahoo.com. im looking forward for your reply. Thanks

Hi, I can do it part time with below conditions.

1- I can do it only for females
2- I am a male
3- My timing will be 7-00pm to 11-00 pm

pls. confirm whether it is ok?

nkmmustafa wrote:

Hi, I can do it part time with below conditions.

1- I can do it only for females
2- I am a male
3- My timing will be 7-00pm to 11-00 pm

pls. confirm whether it is ok?

Why females only and why the times which seem a little late.??

Hope you don't have anything other than massage in mind

-Look, I told you that I can only do it as a part time job, so 7-00pm - 11-00 pm (After my main duty hours.)

- It's my passion to do it for females, and I hate to massage males

- i want to be very clear and transparent on my stand so I said the truth, it's up to you whether to accept or reject

how to apply ?

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How to apply?

Hello all

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