Do I qualify to teach English in South Korea ?

I'm based in South Africa but originally from Zim. I've been an English teacher since 2013 here. Do i qualify to teach English in South Korea? I obtained my Bachelor in Education Degree here in South Africa. Please help.

Hello Stha Mguni,

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Till members provide some feedback, I suggest you read the following article : … rug%20test

You may also create your CV in the Jobs in South Korea section of the website for better chances of landing an opportunity.

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Actually South Africans don't need to have a degree in education to qualify for English teaching jobs in south Korea, any degree can do as long as your fluent or on advanced level.

But since your a Zimbabwean and also holds a degree in education taste your luck.

Don't forget to research about it especially when searching for hiring companies.

Good luck sweetie.


Hi Bhavna I cannot get through the link......

@Mitty Forresse , Can you try again here >> The Requirements for Teaching English in Korea <<