Find a job in Busan

Finding work in Busan
Updated 2017-10-05 12:55

Busan is the second most popular location for expatriates living in South Korea after the capital of Seoul. With a population of over 3.5 million, it is also the second largest city in the country. Busan is home to the country's largest port generating a booming economy and a healthy job market. If you want to live and work in Busan, finding a job should not be a difficult task as a variety of sectors need foreign professionals.

The economy of Busan

Busan's economy highly depends on its port sector, the Busan-Jinhae Free Economic Zone Authority and shipping, import and export greatly contribute to the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Information and communication technology is also an important sector, as well as industry, finance, trade and the educational field.

Moreover, many international and multinational companies are settled in Busan which also boosts the economy. These companies include Renault, Samsung, Hanjin Heavy Industries, Air Busan, Korea Technology Finance Corporation, and many more. Banking and financial institutions such as the Busan Bank, Woori Aviva Life Insurance, Korea Asset Management Corporation also have headquarters in the region.

Busan is famous for its seafood and has the largest fish market in South Korea. On top of that, the city is divided into four main business areas with shopping centres, department stores, as well as urban facilities such as subway stations, a ferry terminal, restaurants and office buildings. This is also where Centum City is located, one of the largest industrial complexes in the country. The extensive subway network makes it easy to get from one part of the city to another.

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The most important businesses in Busan are the Lotte Department Store, the Shinsegae Department Store, the Hyundai Department Store and large discount stores such as Home Plus, E-Mart, Lotte Mart, and Mega Mart.

Find a job in Busan

Jobs are available in various sectors in Busan, but most importantly in industry, commerce, information and communication technologies which. These sectors are constantly looking for qualified and experienced professionals from Korea and abroad. Banking and financial sectors also have a high employment potential. Moreover, private language institutes and public schools are a popular workplace for English-speaking professionals wanting to settle in Busan. If you want to work at a public school, you will have to apply to the nation-wide EPIK (English Program in Korea) program. Through the program, you will then be placed into a public school around the country. When filling out the application, you can choose your preferred location.

To find a job, you can check classified ads in local newspapers. You can also check on job websites. Another great way to find a suitable position is through recruitment agencies. They know the local job market and can find just the right job offer matching your skills set and experience.

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