Finding a teaching position...without going through a recruiter?

Hello, I was curious if there was a way to find schools looking for teachers without having to go through a recruiter? Or is this pretty much necessary?

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I think it will be less energy and time consuming to seek the services of a recruiter.

You can read this blog: … outh-korea

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You can apply directly on Indeed (possibly other sites too, but this is where I found my job). SPEP is the company, and I am teaching business English to adults (employees at various companies- so travel to different company sites). They always need native English speakers, so worth looking at. I applied on Indeed, got an email from SPEP within a week, an interview within a few days, and a second interview while I was in Korea (just got back two weeks ago). Two days after 2nd interview, I was hired.

Note: since not working with students, no ESL type or other certificate is required. Just either have to have a teaching background OR worked in business before. I am not a teacher, so I got in under the latter requirement.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

Thanks! Very helpful!

@unijewellerytutor glad it was helpful. I start training in Dec. Will update you then if you still think of pursuing it.

There are plenty of job offers on the internet.  Check out 'Mike's ESL.'   Do yourself a favor and do not accept a job in a private academy.  This is a real hit-or-miss proposition and most of the horror stories you hear are generated by these places.  University jobs are probably the best option; however, be cautious of the Uni-won. A 'Hogwon' (private school catering to kindergarten to HS-aged students). These places can also be a nightmare.  Your best bet (IMO) is to contact the EPIK program.  English Program In Korea.  While it is not perfect, you will be teaching in a regular Korean school and you will be treated like a regular Korean school teacher (Provided you act that way.)  You could also be isolated and pushed aside into your own little office while the teachers ignore you and you wonder why you did this to yourself.  People skills are everything when working in schools.  The job is good and you will get all Korean vacations off.  That's nice.  You will not get them off while working for a private institute. 

Good luck with your job search.  Korea is a very different place and foreigners who come here generally love the place or hate it.  There is not a lot of middle ground.  When you get here, find a hobby or sport that you like to do and join a club.  This is by far the best way to meet Koreans and join them in their activities. Korea is a clan culture. (Koreans do everything together.)  Your first lesson in getting along in Korea is to join a group.Lesson 2, avoid complaining foreigners.  That's another topic. Good luck.

@calripplebear Yes and no.  Openings are generally found on Dave's ESL Cafe, Craigslist, word of mouth, and by passing out fliers.  Some recruiters are less dishonorable than others.  it also depends on your credentials, age, persistence, and if you are willing to deal with education businesses, rather than schools.

Hi guys, I hope I find you well. Am a Zimbabwean living in South Africa. I have Tefl certificate and Honours in Logistics. Am just wondering if South Korea recruits Zimbambweans