How to get part time job in kora without speaking korean?

hi im student and im going for an crazy adventure in south korea with not enough money but maybe for one month and i would like to find some job in korea to make money while i stay there! please if u have any info let me know i really dont have enough time, thank you

it's tough... to get a job w/o speaking korean.

If you have some friends who are english teachers, see if they can find you private lessons. I know tons of my friends did those on the side and Koreans would love an hour or two to just talk and practice conversation.

Try Seoul Craigslist too for jobs. They post jobs for English speakers there:

No Korean, no experience go to "Ansan" station, line # 4; there you may find a lot of job... ))) good luck !

Here is a book that might be helpful, but more about living in Korea:

i need a job  can someone help...teaching  job.