OFW Jobs for Filipinos

Good day everyone!

Are there available new job opening for Filipinos? Do you have any reliable agencies in the Philippines to refer. Thank you in advance.

@nestinds One of the best places to find jobs, in other countries, for anyone from the Philippines, is usually on the hundreds of Facebook groups as long as it has thousands of active members from the Philippines on there discussing their current experiences with jobs, that way you know the information is current, and you can communicate with actual people from the Philippines who are currently in those jobs in other countries. That way you know from actual people, who you can double verify that they are real people by their network connections, any of their friend who are friends or family with your friends and family, etc. And of course there are lots of job forums such as Monster, Linkedin, many agencies and recruiters around the world, many who will have a presence or office or number in the Philippines, etc, but the Facebook groups allows you to actually see, and interact. Not that I love or am promoting Facebook, it's a very well liked, used network in most countries around the world. In some countries Instagram is more popular, and some Linkedin is more popular. For the Philippines it still seems to be Facebook that is the most popular.