Teach English in South Korea for a non english native

Since I'm not an English native speaker, I can't get a job as an English Teacher in South Korea.
I plan to come in South Korea in February, 2013.
Can you please give me some tips?

Thank you!

Hi Mihaela! I think that if you still want to find a job a s an English teacher even though you are not native speaker it is possible. But in this case you students could be kids and your employer will have to create the fake story about you. I don't know if you will be hired legally in this case though. This is what my friend did here.

Hi Feonah,
Thank you very much for your answer! Yes, I'm still interested in finding a job there. Could you please tell me where did your friend apply for a job?
Thank you so much!

Hello MihaelaB,

I have created a new topic thread on forum South Korea to help you find some more information.

Do you have any other plans once's in South Korea?


Mihaela, My friend just googled it. Since you google there are plenty of offers for teachers! Some are also providing visas! Good luck on that!

I can fly any day to South Korea to teaching English

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