Possibly moving to Yeosu

Hello Everyone,

I am considering a move to Yeosu to teach English next year.  I would be grateful for any tips or information about living in South Korea.  I would be very interested to hear from any current English teachers about their experiences both positive and negative.

Thanks to you all.

Mate, do you have any specific reason for going to Yeosu? Because usually most of people are  going to Seoul or other big cities.

Thanks for the reply.  At the moment, nothing is completely decided.  However, I would prefer not to be in one of the very large cities and there is also the World Expo there next year.  It also appears to be a very beautiful place.  I am willing to listen to any other suggestions and the experiences of others.

Ok, there is good and bad things living in a small city in Korea. Good thing is, it is less crowed and you can discover local specific cultures. Bad thing is you need to give up some western or trendy life style. Also less chance to meet people speaking English. If you really want to live in a small city you need to confirm whether there are good Hagwons or not? Because good Hagwons are usually located around High street in Big cities.

I am not sure how long you will stay in Korea, but if you are going to stay more than a year I may recommand you to live in Seoul at least 3 months. Seoul is different from other cities in Korea. Seoul is multicultural and also you can find all best stuff from all around from Korea. We usually say Seoul is compact & compressed version of Korea. You can meet people from all around from Korea and forigners. I have got some British friends went to small cities to live, but finally they came back to Itaewoon(이태원) in Seoul because they were extreamly bored..

FYI, this is a web site you can see street views like Google map.
http://local.daum.net/map/index.jsp?t__ … ervice=map

I have not yet made any final decision about my actual location.  However, I lived in central London for many years and this became very tiresome for me.  I live in the south of Italy at the moment in a very small town.  I am not ruling out Seoul as I realise that it is probably the most multicultural city in South Korea.  However, because most teaching positions are for one year I want to be somewhere I feel comfortable.  There is always the possibility of coming in on a tourist visa and trying to find a job where the work visa would be arranged but I'm not too sure how easy that is.
I went to university in Sunderland which is close to Newcastle but I was born in Carlisle, north of Manchester in the Lake District then eventually moved to south Italy!  I am considering a move to Korea because the job prospects here are very bad.  This is the situation in the whole of Europe and not just Italy!.
I have to admit that one of the things I miss most about England is the variety of food.  Here in the south of Italy it is very difficult to find food other than Italian.  There is a Chinese restaurant but it's 60km away!  As for Indian food, I can only dream unless I go back to the UK or to Rome, Milan etc.  Italians in the south don't really do food other than their own!

Hello, for the food you may find Chinese restaurant at every corner but for Indian food you may find it in Big cities. You also can find all American stuff at every street and we have a great delivery system. Seoul is still big city but I am sure you can keep peaceful life if you live just out side of Seoul.

There is a new British independent school (primary + secondary)  in Seoul.
I am sure they will need good teachers. The name of the school is Dulwhich. You can try to contact them.  dulwich-seoul.kr/

Hey, I just wanted to say that I have visited Yeosu just a few months ago and will be an expat starting this weekend there and love the city.  It's small but not so small there isn't anything to do.  It has some of the most beautiful places and cheap family owned restaurants and just great atmosphere I think.  I went to Masan and I thought to myself wait maybe I want to work in a bigger city but just being there for two days wore me out.  It was so much more busy, too many people and dirty.  Yeosu is slow paced and clean.  Seoul is also a wonderful city as well just very large.  I hope this helps a little.  I can give you more when I am there starting in just a couple of days :).  P.s. I saw you went to Malta this year, beautiful hmm? Everywhere you turn the view is epic.  I was there last February one of my favorite countries I plan on returning too very soon.  Good luck and have a great week. 

I lived and taught in Yosu/Yeosu Korea in 2000-2001 and loved it. The small town, if you can call it that, was so friendly. Back then there were only a handful of English speakers so you really got to know Korea people. You felt like a celebrity when you walked down the street. Everyone would yell out hello and try and talk to you to practice their English. Anyone I talked to who had a bad experience in Korea taught in Seoul. I loved my time in Korea and am returning for the first time in 12 years. I am so excited.

Hello turboteacher -> Thank you for sharing. Just to note that this thread is dated 2011. ;)