Teaching english in s. korea with no degree, possible?

I'm from america but currently living and teaching in beijing china. I have over two years experience teaching english here, but no college degree. Is it at all possible to find a teaching job without a degree? I attended tufts university in boston for two years part-time while at the same time graduating from the school of the museum of fine arts. but understandably its just a diploma of completion from a studio art school.

Korea is really stict about having a degree.  You can do it illegally if you find a school that will take you, but you won't have a valid work visa.  I have one friend who did it.  She came with her boyfriend who is on a valid visa and found a job on her own.  She was caught and deported within three days.  She can't return to Korea even as a tourist.

I am teaching English at a Hagwon right now and I've only completed one year of university. I think its definately possible, it will just be harder to find work. It took me quite a while to find a place that was OK with my qualifications.

What is the best way to go about hunting for an illeagal teaching job in South Korea? In the early 2000's I taught English in South  Korea on a tourist Visa but was always directed by an agent. I have never gone about it alone. Does anyone know of an agent that would help me find a none degree teaching position in South korea? I have years of Teaching Experience in South Korea and in Thailand. I consider myself a very good teacher and I have fun preparing for lessons, games for children and adults. I have prepared Business English Curriculums and designed successful English teaching programs and exercises. I am prepared to do it all again.

I have quite a teaching English abroad geared resume ready to use. Any suggestions as to how to find a decent trustworthy teaching job in S. Korea.
I am very famillier with the risks involved.
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It's not the issue of whether you can do the job with or without a degree. The degree is not necessary for the job as the job is quite simple really.

The degree is the requirement needed for an E2 visa which allows you to teach legally in South Korea. There are schools which will hire you illegally but if you get caught they'll definately deport you and you won't be allowed back in for at least 5 years even as a tourist!


Hi thanks for the reply!
How could one go about searching for an illegal teaching position? Any line on an agent that would be willing to help one find a part time teching job or full time illegal positon?
Cheers! I would just like to make a little money before settling in Thailand.

I can't think of any right at the moment, will ask around and see. A good starting point is koreabridge.net. I've heard that quite a few of the jobs posted there aren't too strict about certain documents.

Hey thanks Man!
Where are you working now? How do you like Korea? I spent quite a few years in Asia and some of my good mates were Kiwi's, just plain good times! I have a small home in Thailand in the country and I am happy to share. If you ever need a little jungle getaway for a week or so, let me know, I can set you up!

I am not quite sure when I will relocate to Asia at this point, but any help you can give me will be returned 10 fold. Thats the way I operate.

Will definately ask around for you.
How urgent is this?
House in Thailand? Mmmmm sounds fanatastic! Really loved Thailand when I went there.


Check out 'craigs list in Korea'. There's a lot of posts about all sorts of stuff including teaching from many different nationalities. Might be useful also.

will do thanks!

hi jamie G (toronto),
  Can i have your email address please.  mine is " sindisiwebrenda@yahoo.com"  I need some guideline on how to go about Teaching post in Thailand and it environment.

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:rolleyes: I wonder to myself if you go to a smaller area in Korea with a fake degree ((a good one)) if its possible. I have taught in Japan and IF I had the fake ((they never check it)) I would still be there. Even during my working oil day extension they offered to me to change my visa to working visa if I had a copy.

They're checked in Korea. Immigration contact the university to confirm enrolment and graduation.
Once it was okay to use fake degrees, but that time has long, long passed.

For anyone wanting to teach on a tourist visa, it's best to get private students, but even that's risky. It'd be easier to get a degree and teach legally than it would be to get deported and endue a period where you cannot enter the country.

That was a great advice thank you.