UAE Visa - Port of Exit Issues

I am an expat from Saudi Arabia. i scheduled a family trip to Dubai. I managed to take a visa to Dubai with exit port at Dammam Airport. Now my plan changes I’d like to go to Dubai via Bahrain by car through King Fahd Causeway, leave my car at Bahrain Airport and then fly to Dubai. Will that be ok with our UAE Visa?  We have our single exit/re-entry visa from Saudi Arabia by the way.

It should not be a problem if you have the online UAE visa for GCC residents.  They are only particular about your passport and Iqama details matching what you put in the application and not where you fly from.

With Saudi Iqamas, you would get on arrival visas on the causeway.  You can then fly from Bahrain airport.  Do note that due to the construction of the new terminal, the long stay parking is now pretty far away (the closer spots are always full) and they run a bus to bring people back and forth.  Depending on time, it can be quite a wait so go early.

Single entry / exit doesn't matter in this case - you will exit Saudi only once :)

I was worried because in the GCC Resident Visa i applied for they asked about where is my exit port from KSA.  It’s a relief thanks for the feedback.

I have done this many times as plans sometimes change.  I end up flying either from Bahrain or Saudi and never had problems despite visa having different port of exit mentioned on it.   

The port of entry is important i.e. UAE or AD.  While, I have never had issues even with that; a colleague of mine who was Lebanese, Saudi resident and had a UAE visa was denied entry into AD - apparently for this reason.

simply confirm from Immigration of Bahrain KSA and UAE B4 LEAVING..

Please read before replying.  This has nothing to do with Bahrain or KSA.  This is UAE port of entry / exit requirements that we are discussing. And the question has been answered.

I want to travel by by road from Dammam to Dubai.
Is this UAE visa by road different from the UAE visa if travel by AIR?

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