If found any type tb in sputum test can a chance to get visa

If the visa applicant is a running resident with family in Dubai since long time back and the applicant changing job  time medical test x-ray show scars and the sputum test shows any type tb.  he  get a chance for visa stamping ????
Please give answer ?

You already posted on another thread.  Understand that you are worried but the best thing to do is to wait for the results and see what happens as this is not in your control.

However, if the sputum test is positive with scars on x-ray; in all likelihood, you will be deported, blacklisted and not given any visa.  Even if sputum test is negative, at times, they still deport the person.  But you are in the UAE for a long time so with a negative sputum test, they may take a positive view.  But forget about any visa if the test is positive.

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