Uae work visa medicals.have calcification in lungs

I have calcification in right my x Ray it possible to get .Dubai work visa with this iam going to fly to Dubai in few days.anyone please help.i all ready to go for my chef job.any I heard that.people with lungs scars,are not allowed to have work visa.please advise as I have pre planned every thing ,and now I have come to know all this . please help.its urgent for me

Have you gone through GAMCA?  Have they marked you as FIT?

If they have, it should not be a problem. 

But if you haven't come through GAMCA then it could be a problem.  Lung scars are a big issue here.  But again that depends on whether the scar is due to TB or not.

Thanks for ur reply xTang.but I found out in Internet that "gamca" test in not required for uae.but still it's a matter of concern as I am ready to fly to Dubai in few I am in plan to consult local doctors here in find out any possibility of tb.

as I have already invested money for my travel ,it's very tense situation.any as of now only Internet is the way to find help for the situation

XTang ur the only ur the actively one.who reply n help people like me in proper direction

Waiting to hear from u

Look, GAMCA is required if you are coming from a country where you have GAMCA.  The flexibility is that you can come on a visit visa, do the medical in UAE and transfer your visa.

I would suggest to come here, do a test on your own expense and get a report.  If you see scars, get a quantiferon gold tb test done in a UAE lab.  If negative, then you can use that if there is any issue in the UAE medical.  If positive, then I would just forget about it and go home.

Thanks for reply.
do they consider privately medical tests done in dubai for.uae residency visa.
or just they trust the test done in uae government clinic

They will consider the quantiferon but only if there is a doubt.  If they are convinced that it is a TB scar then they won't.  There is no clear set procedure in this part of the world.

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