ban in dubai because of having lung scar

i just came in dubai on visit visa and fortunately i got hired. then i i go for medical. first blood test then xray. after the xray the radilogist told me to go to room i forgot the number. after that go to another room for blood test and sputum. i gave 3 sputum for 3 consecutive days. i dont know the result but after almost a month or should i say 3-4 weeks i go to in the middle of no where for the irish scan and visa cancellation. after 3-4 days of my visa was cancell i've got deported. i read in internet that when a person do an irish scan he/she is permanently ban in dubai. i go to the hospital here in philippines if my tb is active or not. the result is negative for sputum. i also read a person who have lungscar can go back in dubai if she/he will process for the attestation of medical certificate in uae embassy. i just want to know if its true or not. in my passport there is no stamp of life time ban or any ban. they stamp only exit stamp at airport. i just want to ask in my visa cancellation there is number 9 in ban. i mean ban 9 permanent. i just want to ask if its a 9 years ban, 9 months ban or life time ban. thanks

Dear Friend,

There are lot of people from the world victim of these rules prevailing in the United Arab Emirates, I also face the same problem as you in Jan-2014, with concern of your question we are permanently Ban in UAE.

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[at]aliraza how did you know that we have permanent ban? did the immigration told you about that or you just only knew because of what you just read in internet? only hear say and not confirmed from the immigration.

My Dear,

It is stated in my immigration paper that they made while cancelling my visa, In the Ban Type Column , it is written permanent and in Arabic Dayem (Which mean till Death).

Are you facing the same problem as me? or have you find a way to go back to Dubai.

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Yes there is a permanent ban in health issues or where victims have been blacklisted n there are also temporary bans too. I was most fortunate as wen I did my medical there,I had a scar on my chest but I was most definitely sure I had a good clean health record and it was almost termed as TB but for further test. So sorry,Dubai isn't the end,there are sure more prospects else where. Cheers

Let me also state a Hear say from my boss who is been in dubai for over 30years, He said after 5 years,90 per of this Bans are lifted ,How true this is,I can't tell but just a scar in lungs,how painful. I thought only transferable disease are the reasons for Ban, however from the ills of other people who have been victims of this circumstance, took this test again in their country and the result came out false, hmmm short of words

We are all in thesame boat right now.

Hi guys,

I deported back due to medical unfit , they found scar on my chest, they said i have TB, actually i do not have,
Lets come to the point.

I am going southafrica in few days , and most of the flights going from UAE,  So any issues in transit the UAE ?
They deported back me from sharjah, i was on ajman employment visa, they cancelled in 2012. I stayed there 30-40 days.

1. If the transit is of more than 7-8 hours than ?
2. I dont think any issue would be because i am not exiting the UAE?

Just want to ensure, i dont trust uae in terms of strict rules.

When you tested in your local hospital / medical centre..... What were the scan results? I'm going to get a chest xray tomorrow. I did full blood checkup and everything came out good.

Hi Guys. New here!.
Got the same problem. But the things is I worked in dubai for 5 yrs before as sales then go back to phil. to have my own family Then last year I decided to go back in dubai again.  I got hired as servant then in had problem in my medical report they found a old tb scar. My boss was a doctor and she was so upset as in my test result everything is negative. Im not sick. She appealed at MOH. But then they said it is in rule in dubai that I have to be deported.
But I ask our PRO who's finding a way how for me to go back in dubai. According to his inquiry I can go back as tourist or with husband visa. But i' m not sure about it.

Anyone there who got permanent ban and was able to back Dubai ?

( btw, I have a friend that knew she has a tb and having medication 6 months right now. She just went to dubai last march 2015 as tourist and now she got employer and residence visa.) lucky her

find info about uplifting the ban here

Hi guys i just want to share my story to all of you. I am a nurse and yes, I was once a victim of a disease called Tuberculosis (TB) since 2009. And like you, i always have that dilemma and fear to apply and work overseas. I have a small scar (fibrosis) on my lungs due to that disease and it haunts me whenever i took xrays for medical examinations. But one of my greatest battle just began when i applied and decided to work in middle east (dubai). We all know that middle east rules are strict with regards to medical examinations especially X-rays. I've read so much about deportation and lifetime ban if you failed your medical examination. Before going here i took my latest radiographic xray and as usual the reading shows that i have fibrosis. I asked plenty of doctors if theres anyway i could get rid of the scar in my lungs but all of them told me that it cannot be erased. In fact one doctor told me that if i have plan to work overseas, he told me to apply anywhere but not in middle east or Gulf countries. I've never felt so down in my life.that time im thinking to get back my application and just apply elsewhere as my doctor said.I lost my focus. But thanks to my ever suportive girlfriend and my family for always pushing me to the next level. I went to dubai and started working in a hospital. After a month, the day has come that always haunts me. Its my medical examination day. Believe me, that day i was not nervous nor uneasy. I felt so relax and calm that day.. After hour of waiting, finally its done and the waiting game begun.  After 3 days of waiting, i asked the PR of our hospital about my result and to my shocked, i received one of the greatest news of my life. He showed me the result and guess what? My lungs are clear and im very fit to work. That time i was so happy and i cant decipher what i just heard and saw. That was the happiest day of my life. I just want to tell all those who are planning to work abroad with the same case as me, just give it a shot coz you'll never know whats gonna happen if you won't even try. Just LEAVE all your worries to HIM and just BELIEVE. Have a great year ahead guys!😀

God is good. After reading your post, I have come to realize that miracles still happen to those who have Faith in Him. Reading your story enlightens my day. I am a Nurse with a similar case as yours. Praise God!! 😇🙏

Yes my friend.. There is always a miracle. Just trust and believe in him.. Alwaysz through good times and bad times.

I am so happy for you! God is good all the time.  :thanks: in which hospital you are currently working if you won't mind

I just want to ask if its possible to go back in dubai? because im ban for scars last 2015 and i want to go back in uae.

Hi! New here!

I just want to ask regarding your medication when you're here in philippines. What kind of medicine you take? Or you just consulted your doctor regarding on your health? Because i've same problem with you in lungs. Last month, i undergo medical test and unfortunately they found out that i've scar on my right apex. I don't know what should i do! There's anything solution for that scar to be healed?

There is a new law now pertaining to the old TB scar,..

please see the link below … for-expats … eportation

hope this helps.. because it works with me

thanks god,, God bless UAE

I'm so glad to hear that the new law is making immigration to UAE possible for you!

Would you mind to share your story?

Thank you! Gisa

hi! my husband applied for the lifting of ban due to ptb scar last may this year. then the concerned authorities said that he can now apply for my visa but was surprised as im still blacklisted. then he went back to ask why im still blacklisted and now give us another things to do which is to go to dubai and send a letter to MOH. he is staying in abudhabi. why do we have to go to dubai where in fact we never go to dubai during my first arrival in uae. thank you. pls tell us what did you do to lift the ban. thank you so much for the help. help is very much appreciated.


base on the previous post ive seen,, you need to visit Mirdiff MOH,, they are the agency who can grant or give paper for lifting the ban this is as per the recent comments ive seen

hopefully my comments can help,,.. this article below also helps … for-expats … n-1.165001

hope the information I share can help

god bless

Hi Cye,

I am still in Philippines we have the same issue my application now is under process hoping that we can get the visa the soonest. Good luck and God bless! Continue praying. 😊

hello kabayan how is your appeal in dubai with regards to ban... salamat kabayan

My wife recently went to Dubai immigration but they referred her to several different departments. We're still unable to get any concrete information on how to lift the ban.

Hello everyone.. I hope u can help me i also have the same issue.. I was deported last march 2018 its only one month from now because of health reason (Lung Scar) and its written in my cancallation paper permanent ban. Is there any posibilities to go back to dubai? Thank u so much.

Responded to you on the other thread.  Please refrain from posting your question on multiple threads.  The above topic is not relevant to you as this is for existing UAE residents who are found having TB lung scars.  New visa applicants with scars are still deported and banned.

Hi there. May I know the requirements and process for lifting of ban? My husband has an immigration ban due to lung scar. Please help me :(

There is no requirement or indeed standard process for this.  The Ministry of Health governs this and you have to approach them.  It is entirely discretionary and on a case by case basis.   I have only ever heard of relaxation being given in the case of family visas on humanitarian grounds i.e. wife or kids joining husband in Dubai.


i have the same issue... but thanks God the rule in UAE changed,..

Hi how were you able to process the lifting of permanent ban? Thank you

Hopefully someone can share their sucess story on lifting husband’s permanent ban due to lung scar.

I’ll be submitting next week to Mirdiff MOH his attested medical certificate together with our attested marriage contract, and other personal docs (my visa, passport etc.). 
Actually Mirdiff mentioned to submit only our attested marriage contract and other personal docs, but I included his medical certificate to strengthen our lifting ban request.

If someone has done this before please share your experience. Help people like me.

My friend please let us know if they will accept the papers in mirdiff moh. Thank you

DHA medical/health screening center at Mirdif accepted my documents. They told me that it will take a month or two for ban lifting approval. Then they’ll just contact me to give the letter that I need to submit to immigration.

I’m really praying so hard for the approval.

Hi how to lifting the ban?

Hi if we will go to moh what’s is the Procedure to lift the ban?

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Hey there,

You can try to get a job in a free zone since the ban in inapplicable in free zones. Based on your professional status, a lot off times, new employers will pay to lift the ban. The payment that they make is then adjusted with the salary.

I hope this helps.



I am sorry but this is wrong information.

This is an immigration ban due to UNFIT medical and not a labor ban (due to resignation, absconding or not joining).  An immigration ban APPLIES In free zones as well as this is a ban on ENTERING UAE - not a ban on working.  This will be lifted by MOH after accepting medical results not payment.

Please don't comment unless you know the facts as you risk guiding people incorrectly and giving them false hope.

Hi faithalways. How did the appeal go? I've got a similar situation, I want to lift the ban for my husband. Can you pls enlighten me as to what documents are needed to present to MOH in mirdiff?  I am hoping you would respond to this. Thank you so much

Hi faithalways hope you can help us ..if immigration already call you about how to lifting the ban what’s is the news?

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