Possibility to find job in visit or schengen visa

Hi all respected friends.i need information.is it possible to find job in Germany on visit or on Schengen visa.
Becuse the person don't have University degree.but he have more than nine years in electrical Field experience and now he is electrical supervisor in saudia.
He can't apply job seeker or study visa.
Is their any possibility if he apply by self and all things go oky.or his brother who live in germany  can help him by anyway.
Thnx wait for ur precious information.

A Schengen visit visa can be up to 89 days if he has convincing reasons to want to stay that long. Job search is not such a reason (for that he should apply for a job search visa), but visiting a near relative might be.
In any case, finding a job and getting a work visa isn’t that quick, so he would most likely have to return to his country before the Schengen visa expires.

Theoretically, one can come as a tourist and line up a job without having a job seekers visa. Not all fields require a University degree anyway. It depends - and your post isn’t really clear; is he an electrician or working on the level of an electrical engineer or what exactly? But one does not just find a job and then start working if they are not from the EU. A potential employer would then have to do the paper work for this person, after having returned to his home country, to come to Germany again to officially work. And this means making a reasonable claim that they could not find a German or other worker from the EU to fulfill the position. This is not likely to happen for a tradesman like an electrician, who also has legal requirements to be licensed. It’s a matter of safety. I don’t know what the market is in Germany for such jobs - but say there is a shortage of qualified people. The next hurdle would probably be language. Most potential employers would want someone who can get along in German. It’s very unlikely they would find a comparable level supervisory position – if anything at all.

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