Salary for Indian family of 4 - 2017( move from Sing to Amst)

Hi Indian Community friends,

I am going to get an offer in Amsterdam for software engineer position. How much salary  I should ask for comfortable life in Amsterdam.

Currently i am working in Singapore for  S$7500,  We save S$4000 ( INR 1.75 lakh to 2 lakh) after all expenses and taxes. I have 2 school going kids. Attending primary school in Singapore. My wife is house maker. We live just decent life (Not luxury) . We use public transport, taxi once in a while, eat in restaurant  once in 2 months. Go to india once in year.

I have 12 + yrs software industry experience.  I am looking for  20%  more savings atleast  in Amsterdam with same kind of life in Singapore.  Considering all these things, How much salary i should ask.

Appreciate you can provide more information on expenses, rental and taxes in Amsterdam.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi Gopal and welcome to the Forum. :)

The Numbeo website provides this information; this link will take you there.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team


I moved to Netherlands with my 6 month old baby, in terms of salary i dont know how much is enough for you but i will tell you my experience, i pay 1/3 of my salary as rent, 200 for utilities, 200 for insurance and 300 monthly expenses. Most of the saving is dependent on how much rent u pay. Also for you, you need to pay school fees which depend on if you put your child in international school or dutch school (its free but dutch is mandatory). Check the fees for international schools. 

Use to find the actual income you would get for given package (it includes holiday allowance so remove that from ur package)

E.g if your package is 60000 with holiday allowance included then subtract 8% of 60000 and that would be the value u put as income in above website.

Also count for the cloths you need to buy to survive the cold and cloudy winters.

All the best!

Hi Cynic and Nina , thanks for your comments and details.
I am going to ask the employer the more details on the following before taking the decision to move to Amsterdam.

1. Health insurance
2. Holiday allowance
3. Relocation benefits and initial stay help.
4.13 month package
5. Performance bonus
6. Eligibility for 30% rule.

Hello all,
We are in the same boat.
Considering a move to Amsterdam with Mrs. Boss and two kids 2 year and 7 year old.

Right now, with a monthly income of 3800 it seems we are cutting it too close to truly experience and enjoy life in Amsterdam.

From research done, finding accommodation is  difficult and expensive. (2 bedroom apartment ranges from 1600 - 2000 euros monthly)

In terms of lifestyle, we don't really splurge and are conscious of expenses. Would go out to restaurants once every fortnight, Take kids to the movies occasionally.

Need information on:
- Cost for health insurance for the family

- Are doctor's appointment easily available or is there a lengthy waiting period?  e.g. if the kids have a fever can we get a doctor to see them the same day or wait a week?

- Cost for day care for the little one? What are the usual opening hours?

- Generally, would a 7 year old cope in a Dutch Public School where English is not used everyday to communicate?

- Cost of international school fees (instruction and communication in English)

- I may be working in Amsterdam Zuidoost, which suburbs/locations are good and safe to rent accommodation for a young family?

- are there any other taxes I need to be consider? e.g. council tax? road tax?

- for the children, how accessible and expensive are swimming pools, soccer cubs?

flyingfruitcake :

Hello all,

................. excuse me snipping your post

Hi and welcome to the Forum:

To answer your specific questions:

Health Insurance.  Costs can vary; your employer will have their own scheme which they will prefer you to join, but you can choose your own.  So, speak to your future employer and then use the Internet to shop around.

Doctors appointments.  My experience is that if it's urgent and your doctor is closed, they have an emergency doctor system that you call; otherwise, I've never had a problem getting an appointment or a house visit.

Daycare.  Use the Numbeo website; this link will take you there.

Dutch schools.  Our 3 went to Dutch schools; they had no problem at the time, or in later years when we moved on to other countries.

International schools.  Mouth-wateringly expensive; we considered it, but it was far too expensive for us; use Google and shop around if you are seriously considering this.

Which suburbs/locations are good and safe?  No idea tbh, we lived in the east.  That said, there is good and bad everywhere.  The Numbeo website I previously linked you too has a link for Crime at the top of it.

Taxes.  This link will take you to the last published tax rates.  In addition, you'll pay Gemeente taxes (Gemeente Belasting); water and sewage costs; phone, TV etc; the Numbeo link has information about that.

Hope this helps.

If you have any further specific questions, please come back to us.

Expat Team

Hi Cynic,

Thank you for taking the time to reply.

Some good info there. Will research some more as I get the feeling the move may not be worth it,

Once again thank you.

My experience young children are very adaptable and learn new languages very quickly, so I would not worry about sending them to a state school.

Thanks SimcityAt

I will be moving to Netherland (Utrecht) next month, I will be receiving salary approx 2500-2600 net, Can i expect to save something out of it, I will be accompanied by my wife.

kam9411 :

I will be moving to Netherland (Utrecht) next month, I will be receiving salary approx 2500-2600 net, Can i expect to save something out of it, I will be accompanied by my wife.

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

That salary is 1,000 euro higher than the Dutch minimum wage; many people live on that.  Discussions on costs etc appear in the posts above yours, together with links to various websites that will help answer your question.  At the end of the day, it will depend on where you choose to live and your lifestyle.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

Thanks Cynic..

Hi Gopal,

I saw your post and I understand that you were residing in Singapore. I am currently residing in Dubai and have a job offer in Singapore.
In your post you mentioned you were working for S$7500 and would save $4000. I have few questions and would request your feedback on them:

How much was the school fees ?
How much rent did you paid?



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