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I am currently living in India and working for a reputed organization. I have around 10+ years of work experience. I got a job offer from a Netherlands company located in Amsterdam. I would like to know the cost of living in and around Amsterdam and what average salary will be good for a couple (husband and wife for a decent living) and make some savings? It will be great if you can provide the cost of expenses in a detailed way something like the one shown below.

Cost of Rent in outskirts of Amsterdam (1BHK & 2BHK) - furnished , semi-furnished and un-furnished
Cost of electricity, water, internet, heating, Gas
Cost of Mobile Phone (SIM charges etc)
Cost of transport
Cost of food, Groceries
Cost of miscellaneous expenses

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Thanks a lot for your reply. I already checked the forum post before asking my question. My queries are partially answered in that post.

Say like, if I get around 4000 Euro per month, will that be enough for a decent living  and decent saving in Amsterdam? Moreover, I did cost calculation in Numbeo website and got an estimate. However, I would like to know real time experience of people who are already living there, so that it will help me to negotiate my salary.

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Are you asking here how much you should ask for? No one can tell you because we all have different living standards. But if you are asking could you live on €4000 a month then yes. Look at the Numbeo website, that is updated all the time.

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The extra costs you are looking to put a number on are variable depending on where you live, where you shop, what car you drive, where you send your kids to school - I could go on and on; for example Council taxes vary depending on which Gemeente provides your services; if you wish to try and tie it down further, then just use Google and enter "Gemeente Belasting" in the search window, followed by the name of the place you intend to live.  Further, speak to the HR department of where you are looking to work, ask them if they have any data you can use.

Hope this helps.

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