house driver change profesion

hi my visa was house driver when i came back here in ksa without knowing that this will be hard to transfer in company but i never work in house driver my kafeel used me to save money to pay gor iqama,i work as a delivery of online shop but he have establishment or moasasa is it posibble i can change my profesion as as delivery driver? coz he release me and looking another company but need to change my profesion he said its possible becoz he have establishment and i work befor in company!!!please i need help for this thanks and best regards

Now i want know the house driver iqama can change any company driver jobs please reply

Hi my friend have you change your profession from house driver to other profession because I also looking for answer if it is possible to change house driver to other profession the sponsor give a release

Bro can we change the house driver visa in saudi .....

House driver profesion can we change in saudi Arabia please tell anybody

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