Marriage to foreigners in Egypt

I just want to know what’s the requirements to get married from Russian girl in Egypt
And I wander if 20 years old legal to get married
or not
Are the procedures complicated?

How long does it take to carry out all the formalities!!

If anyone sure-about answer please let me know
Thanks all

20 is legal yes , procedures complicated yes , there's a post on Egyptian & Malaysian getting married check it , has all the answers

How can I find out if an Egyptian man is truly divorced if I am an American?

goodluck with that LOL so many con artists.
fly to egypt...go to the court and get a marriage certificate...most lie....message me if you want...if hes asking for marriage......DONT DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

stay in egypt hunny, get a new job or career. dont use her for papers. fear god

cheer up~

im cheerful. im just sick of this topic and of innocent women being used by scammers

so many women get scammed I agree ,but still not all guys are awful , if he's gonna make her happy  why not ?

because hes not gonna make her happy. hes 20. he wants an out out of egypt, ive been to egypt 4 times i know all about it . im sick of all the lies coming from this country. GET YOUR OWN MONEY! haram , fear allah. do not scam innocent so sick of this disgusting topic

I agree with Leila, unfortunately many women would fall for that. If you want to get out of the country you should tell her of the purpose of marrgie and be strighfpward don't let her make her own aussamption about what you want. Be honest so it would cause any harm to both people.

I agree Leile and I  told her personal about my opnion  I don't know what should I say but almost of prowl wanna travel but don't think so it will be the best for you if you traveled by this way about me I don't think so that there is somebody wanna wanna travel more than me but if I got the chance to travel by this way I think I will hate myself if I did it

It's not correct that you all accuse him and judge him without knowing him in person. It's  not anyone's right to accuse others just from a question or post he wrote.

Your post is very unfair Leila. I am married to an Egyptian who I met on line over 11 years ago. He is younger than me and yet we married and he came to the UK. We are STILL happily married and he is a WONDERFUL husband so please do not class all Egyptian men as liars and cheats.
My husband and I have been married 11 years and marrying him was the BEST thing I ever did.
Any man from any country can be a liar and a cheat...just like some women can too. That does NOT mean all men from any country are bad.
There is good and bad everywhere you just have to take time to get to know a person before you commit to any relationship.

Oh Leila just because you have been to Egypt 4 times does not make you an expert on Egyptian men. As I said to an earlier post I am married, 11 years now, to an Egyptian man. He is younger than me and not from a rich background but our marriage is WONDERFUL he is the most caring and loving man and marrying him was the best thing I ever did. Please do not class all Egyptian men as bad. I know a lot of lovely Egyptian men who are happily married to foreign ladies. There is good and bad in every country.

Sorry but I think Leile doesn't mean all of Egyptians she is talking about exception of men kind who do that to travel I think so so as you said my dream  very place has the good and the bad

Sorry Mahmoud Mohamed but if you read Leilas post she actually said MOST lie and con ...I stand by what I say and that is that to say most lie is very unfair indeed
She does not know ALL Egyptian men so how can she make that assumption. I feel it is wrong to label "most" Egyptian men as liars and conmen.

Yeas I agree with you and I told her that all of the pleases has the worst and the best

when u see most posts on that topic it is whether she married someone who works in the tourism field or someone who is too young for her , or someone who does not even speak the basic language , it's totally normal that these marriages fail ,however I totally agree with you a lot of women get scammed due to the rush in getting but believe me there are so many good men , whether in Egypt or anyplace , places should not be a barrier for two people to be together & make each other happy , what's with staying in Egypt ? there are too many nice places to stay in but the problem is that foreign women complain about staying here, & btw morroc is the place where most of the foreign women are targeted not Egypt , even there are some people refuse to marry foreign women at all  due to cultural reasons .

Mr Muhammad
To convince someone you need base your view on research and statistics. How many are divorced in Egypt, How many men are married and may with more than one woman and why, etc ...
Do most Egyptian repect others culture and believe, respect social equality? You have good comments but all is missing measure tools. Unless this it is hard to convince...
Still we have long way to go.

it is heart to convince a woman with a broken heart

hello. just want to CLARIFY
NOT ALL EGYPTIAN men do this...but based upon statistics and evidence....about 75-80 percent which is too colossal and large
I am not trying to insult anyone, but when I know people and hear about 20 different /similar stories, this is way too high. maybe out of 20, there are 1 or 2 genuine for love and a good life. im going by experience.
im honest and put my heart and soul into my relaitionship. you don't even know what ive went through so please don't judge me, thank you
this is life and I understand but sadly too many are hurt by marriage fraud and being used for a new land or money or to travel. sorry , marriage fraud is a sin and HARAM. may they fear GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Muhammad 111
My husband is 24 years younger than me. I speak only a little arabic ...very little but we have been married now for 11 years. I brought my husband to the UK after we married then 3 years later we decided to try life in Cairo. Life in Cairo was not easy as we could not get work so we came back to the UK. So your theory of young men/older woman, woman cannot speak Arabic or woman cannot live in Egypt therefore the marriage fails is not for every foreign woman who marries an Egyptian.
Every situation is different. You MUST MUST MUST take time to know the man before you decide to marry...after all in your own country you would not marry a man after 2 short weeks on holiday so why do it in a foreign country where the language and culture is so different.

Basically think before you do silly things ..just like in every other important decision you make in your life.

Still I disagree Leila. I am sorry for your situation  but I know so many women HAPPILY married to an Egyptian. Also unless you know EVERY Egyptian man how can you say 75 - 80% are fraudsters??
I will stand up and defend the good Egyptian men because in all my 12 years of knowing Egyptians I know only 2 who have married a woman for money or a visa. They both came from tourist areas and asked the woman to marry them after 1 day of meeting them. They also expected the woman to pay for everything, which is against the Egyptian culture where the man pays for everything. These women got carried away with a "holiday" romance and did not take time to find out about the Egyptian culture or to find out more about the man and that is a recipe for disaster.

75% of people who work in tourism sectors ?
& it's OK leilla inshallah you become stronger & wiser, may Allah take care of your heartg ,we all go through hard situations & tests , don't take it too seriously as sometimes it is a must to let go , you are still fine & with good health I hope , money comes & goes the important thing is that you are still fine , you still have a lot to live an entire life is still awaits you , I dunno wallahi why good women fell for bad guys

you seem happy ^^  wish both of you the best of luck

Thank you Muhammad inshallah we will be happy forever. I hope you have a happy future too inshallah

ask him for :  "Individual Registration Statement"  ......... in arabic " بيان قيد فردي"

this will show his social status now .... whether he is married or divorced .......... and will show if he was previously married or not ........... it will show his history of marriage and divorce.

It is Official , issued from Ministry of Interior , so he cant play with it ;)

Agree with you, i also married egyptian man for 5 years .
My dream, hii..

Hi Indonesianmom, I am so happy for you and I hope your marriage is a long and happy one

Show 69 what a DISGUSTING thing to say!! Do you personally know EVERY Egyptian mother because you CERTAINLY do not know my mother in law or any of my friends, who are also married to Egyptian men!
I have a WONDERFUL relationship with my mother in law and always have done.
Also before you add any other nasty comments I do not give any money to the family nor do I support them financially in ANY way. My husband provides for me, even though I work too, and he provides for his family in Egypt.
You people who assume EVERY Egyptian man is out for a visa or an easy life are so so wrong.
Of course I am not saying ALL Egyptian men are good, just as in every other country & culture there is good and bad in every place.
Just because you may have had a bad experience there are many many who have a wonderful marriage and are really happy.
I have seen the players in places like Sharm and Hurghada but please, would you jump onto a serious relationship in your own country without getting to know the person first?
There are signs in a relationship which are warning signals and if you choose to ignore them thats your own fault but just because one man or one woman hurt you it does not mean all people in that country are bad!

Again your making out you know EVERY Egyptian woman in Egypt. Your not even Egyptian but yet you think you know EVERYTHING about Egyptians.
If any Egyptian mother did not want you as an inlaw I am not surprised....I would not want a person with your views in my family.
If you feel so bad about Egyptians why are you living in Egypt!!

Who on earth do you think you are saying such nasty things. You dont know me, my husband or our family in Egypt!
I have been married to my husband for 11 years now and me and his mother adore each other!!
I think that you are a bitter person who has been rejected by an Egyptian person so your spewing out your venom on all Egyptians.....really I pity you.

SHOW69 Lol guess you cannot answer my question then.🤣🤣🤣

Mydream thank you for defending Egyptian but we have to say the truth even if it’s difficult it’s not because you have a good experience that you have to attack any person who is opposed to you. Indeed there is many liars in Egypt and many families don’t like their son get married with a foreigner. It’s not the case of everyone and we don’t have statistics so we can’t say 70 or 80 but If i have to say a number i think it’s the majority more than 50. And I’m convinced that it’s not only the case of Egyptian, in Paris for example where I lived many years it’s the same case about liars and perhaps a little better or worse. I agree with you we have to take our time in any relationship, we have to see if it’s really matching before making a decision and be smart. You have to ask yourself many questions before going too far. Even women there is a lot of false women, so be careful and take care everywhere. Have a nice day


I will not stop defending Egyptians from this biased view. Also I will get angry when someone assumes to know  my families views on other people.
If people have such bad opinions, of people they do not know,  its wrong and this is what contributes to the problems in the world today.

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One thing you MUST do if considering marriage to an Egyptian is learn Arabic. That way you can independently gather information and be comfortable that you understand what is being said. If your prospective partner or his family & friends are your ONLY interpreters then you won’t know what is being said and that makes you vulnerable and dependant

Bravo Maria :one

Hello from Albania,

Can anyone please inform me what documents do i need to marry in Egypt with an egyptian man because i can't find anything. I even called my embassy and they didn't respond.

You can find me :)

Very well said.. everywhere there're good and bad people, so globalizing and putting everyone in one bucket is so unfair. I understand Leila might have had bad experience with some guys,  but that doesn't mean all Egyptian men are the same right! And here's a live example, thanks for that reply dear

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