Replacing internal doors

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I wanted to ask the community for some advice....

I'm based in Rose Hill/Beau Bassin and need to replace some internal doors in the home due to a break-in.  I'm really not sure where I can purchase doors from, what type is best wooden/aluminum (considering the weather) and how much one door should typically cost (including installation).

Appericate any help/guidance/suggestions!

I'm currently new to so apologises in advance if I'm not following the rules!



For internal rooms and separations, wooden doors are the best.

For a front door leading to outside, anything goes depending on your taste. budget and whatever suits your house best; aluminium, PVC, forged steel, wood.

A wooden door including installation can cost you anything from Rs 5000 to 10,000 and even higher depending on the type of wood, craftsmanship and finish.

Same for the AL, steel and PVC...pricing varies on a number of factors.

Some major companies in Mauritius include Mootin Engineering, Furnicon, Pere Laval Enterprise, KOSI-Xpanda, ALUSAFE and Manser Saxon Contracting.
A google search will direct you to their website.

Many thanks WinstonH - very useful tips and links!

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