My car to Mexico

I plan to drive into Mexico Jalisco . I need to know approx. price of insurance at border, how long can i drive with my Minnesota USA plates, and will it make a difference if I file for temporary residency. I will be moving down in the spring.

I can't help with the insurance question, there are several insurance companies you can contact online, we use a company by the name of Qualitas. If you file for a temporary visa, you can bring your car in for a maximum of 4 years. A tourist visa expires after 6 months. If you decide to file for a permanent resident visa, you cannot bring your car in unless you nationalize it, a lengthy and expensive process. Good luck on your journey.

Hi to all, the cost of insurance fora TIP is based on the value of the vehicle. I, previously always used the service of San Xavier broker in Tucson, AZ. Great rates and services, online quotes now with PDF insurance papers sent by email. If I recall proprely the owner name is Bob Acosta.

Adios y buen dia a todos, GyC.

thanks that helps

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